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    Office 2021/365 Essentials Bundle

    Office 2021/365 Essentials Bundle
    Published 8/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 21.09 GB | Duration: 41h 19m

    Learn the essentials of Microsoft Office in this 4-course bundle for Office 365 or Office 2021 users.

    What you'll learn
    What's new in Excel 2021
    Navigating the Excel 2021 interface
    Analyzing data using PivotTables and representing data visually with charts and PivotCharts
    Adding interactions to PivotTables and PivotCharts
    Creating an interactive dashboard to present high-level metrics
    Auditing formulas and troubleshooting common Excel errors
    How to use Excel tables to structure data and make it easy to update

    Microsoft Office 2021 desktop version for Windows installed and ready to use on your computer.

    **This course includes downloadable course instructor files and exercise files to work with and follow along.**Learn Excel (beginner and intermediate), PowerPoint, and Word 2021 with this tremendous value four-course bundle from Office experts Simon Sez IT.Microsoft Office remains the go-to tool for the modern worker, yet so many users fall short of using its full potential.We're here to make sure you aren't one of those people.In this Microsoft Office bundle, we make the three essential MS Office programs (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) simple to understand. The bundle includes four full-length courses to help you achieve your goals: Excel 2021 for Beginners, Excel 2021 Intermediate, PowerPoint 2021 for Beginners, and Word 2021 for Beginners.Each course goes into depth on how to get the most from each program and will help you become a more skillful user.What's included?Excel 2021 for BeginnersBecome familiar with what's new in Excel 2021Navigate the Excel 2021 interfaceUtilize useful keyboard shortcuts to increase productivityCreate your first Excel spreadsheetUse basic and intermediate Excel formulas and functionsEffectively apply formatting to cells and use conditional formattingUse Excel lists and master sorting and filteringWork efficiently by using the cut, copy, and paste optionsLink to other worksheets and workbooksAnalyze data using chartsInsert pictures in a spreadsheetWork with views, zooms, and freezing panesSet page layout and print optionsProtect and share workbooksSave your workbook in different file formatsExcel 2021 IntermediateDesign better spreadsheets and control user inputUse logical functions to make better business decisionsConstruct functional and flexible lookup formulasUse Excel tables to structure data and make it easy to updateExtract unique values from a listSort and filter data using advanced features and new Excel formulasWork with date and time functionsExtract data using text functionsImport data and clean it up before analysisAnalyze data using PivotTablesRepresent data visually with PivotChartsAdd interactions to PivotTables and PivotChartsCreate an interactive dashboard to present high-level metricsAudit formulas and troubleshoot common Excel errorsControl user input with data validationUse WhatIf analysis tools to see how changing inputs affect outcomesPowerPoint 2021 for BeginnersCreate visually stunning presentations that meet best practice guidelinesFind free, high-quality resources like images, icons, fonts, and videosImprove efficiency with keyboard shortcuts and the Quick Access ToolbarOpen, close, and save presentationsWork with PowerPoint templatesApply slide layouts to new or existing slidesDuplicate, arrange, copy, and paste slides and objectsWork with images, icons, video, text, shapes, and audio filesCorrectly select, align, and group objects on a slideWork with animations, transitions, and motion pathsCreate summary pages using slide and summary zoomInsert and edit charts, diagrams, and tablesInsert hyperlinks to other slides, external websites, and mail addressesCreate motion video backgroundsInsert screenshots and record and narrate presentationsWork with the Slide Master to make universal changesIncorporate third-party add-ins into PowerPointPrepare a presentation for delivery by adding speaker notes, header and footer, and commentsSet up a custom slide show and rehearsing timingsUse Presenter View to deliver a presentationExport, share, and print a presentationWord 2021 for BeginnersNavigate the Word 2021 interfaceCustomize the quick access toolbarAccess and modify Word optionsCreate new documents from scratch and from a templateOpen and save existing documentsSwitch between different document viewsEnter, select, and apply formatting to textUse cut, copy, paste, and different paste optionsFind and replace text in a documentFormat paragraphsAlign paragraphs using indents and tab stopsInsert bulleted and numbered listsApply a theme to control the look and feel of the documentApply and modify Word stylesInsert content like shapes, icons, text boxes, 3D images, SmartArt, and chartsAnnotate a documentOrganize information using tablesAdjust the margins and orientationInsert section and page breaksApply headers and footersInsert blank pages and cover pagesLink to websites, other documents, and other sections using hyperlinks and bookmarksCreate re-usable content with Quick PartsCreate and format a table of contentsAdd footnotes and end notes to a documentCreate citations and inserting a bibliographyCreate an indexAdd captions to pictures and create a table of figuresCreate multiple letters, envelopes, and labels using mail mergeCheck spelling and set up auto-correct optionsTrack changes from multiple authorsCompare and combine documentsAdjust document propertiesCheck a document for accessibility and compatibility issuesProtect a document to prevent changesShare a document with othersCollaborate on a document with others in real timePrint a documentThis bundle includes:40+ hours of video tutorials350+ individual video lecturesCourse and exercise files to follow alongCertificate of completion


    Section 1: Excel 2021 Beginner: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Course Introduction

    Lecture 2 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

    Lecture 3 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Exercise Files

    Lecture 4 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Instructor Files

    Lecture 5 Excel 2021 vs Excel for Microsoft 365

    Section 2: Excel 2021 Beginner: Getting Started in Excel 2021

    Lecture 6 Launching Excel

    Lecture 7 The Start Screen

    Lecture 8 Exploring the Interface

    Lecture 9 Understanding Ribbons, Tabs and Menus

    Lecture 10 The Backstage Area

    Lecture 11 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

    Lecture 12 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

    Lecture 13 Getting Help

    Lecture 14 Exercise 01

    Section 3: Excel 2021 Beginner: Creating You First Excel Spreadsheet

    Lecture 15 Working with Excel Templates

    Lecture 16 Working with Workbooks and Worksheets

    Lecture 17 Saving Workbooks and Worksheets

    Lecture 18 Entering and Editing Data

    Lecture 19 Navigating and Selecting Cells, Rows and Columns

    Lecture 20 Exercise 02

    Section 4: Excel 2021 Beginner: Introduction to Excel Formulas and Functions

    Lecture 21 Formulas and Functions Explained

    Lecture 22 Performing Calculations with the SUM Function

    Lecture 23 Counting Values and Blanks

    Lecture 24 Finding the Average with the AVERAGE Function

    Lecture 25 Working with the MIN and MAX Functions

    Lecture 26 Handling Errors in Formulas

    Lecture 27 Absolute vs Relative Referencing

    Lecture 28 Autosum and AutoFill

    Lecture 29 Flash Fill

    Lecture 30 Exercise 03

    Section 5: Excel 2021 Beginner: Using Named Ranges

    Lecture 31 What are Named Ranges?

    Lecture 32 Creating Named Ranges

    Lecture 33 Managing Named Ranges

    Lecture 34 Using Named Ranges in Calculations

    Lecture 35 Exercise 04

    Section 6: Excel 2021 Beginner: Formatting Numbers and Cells

    Lecture 36 Applying Number Formats

    Lecture 37 Applying Date and Time Formats

    Lecture 38 Formatting Cells, Rows and Columns

    Lecture 39 Using Format Painter

    Lecture 40 Exercise 05

    Section 7: Excel 2021 Beginner: Formatting Worksheets

    Lecture 41 Working with Rows and Columns

    Lecture 42 Deleting and Clearing Cells

    Lecture 43 Aligning Text and Numbers

    Lecture 44 Applying Themes and Styles

    Lecture 45 Exercise 06

    Section 8: Excel 2021 Beginner: Working with Excel Lists

    Lecture 46 How to Structure a List

    Lecture 47 Sorting a List (Single-Level Sort)

    Lecture 48 Sorting a List (Multi-Level Sort)

    Lecture 49 Sorting Using a Custom List (Custom Sort)

    Lecture 50 Using Autofilter to Filter a List

    Lecture 51 Format as a Table

    Lecture 52 Creating Subtotals in a List

    Lecture 53 Exercise 07

    Section 9: Excel 2021 Beginner: Moving and Linking to Data

    Lecture 54 Using Cut and Copy

    Lecture 55 Paste Options

    Lecture 56 Pasting from the Clipboard

    Lecture 57 Linking to Other Worksheets and Workbooks

    Lecture 58 3D Referencing

    Lecture 59 Inserting Hyperlinks to Worksheets

    Lecture 60 Exercise 08

    Section 10: Excel 2021 Beginner: An Introduction to Intermediate Formulas

    Lecture 61 Looking up Information with VLOOKUP

    Lecture 62 VLOOKUP Approximate Match

    Lecture 63 Error Handling Functions

    Lecture 64 Basic Logical Functions (IF, AND, OR)

    Lecture 65 Making Decisions with IF Statements

    Lecture 66 Cleaning Data using Text Functions

    Lecture 67 Working with Time and Date Functions

    Lecture 68 Exercise 09

    Section 11: Excel 2021 Beginner: Analyzing Data with Charts

    Lecture 69 Choosing the Correct Chart Type

    Lecture 70 Presenting Data with Charts

    Lecture 71 Formatting Charts

    Lecture 72 Exercise 10

    Section 12: Excel 2021 Beginner: Conditional Formatting

    Lecture 73 Highlighting Cell Values

    Lecture 74 Data Bars

    Lecture 75 Color Scales

    Lecture 76 Icon Sets

    Lecture 77 Exercise 11

    Section 13: Excel 2021 Beginner: Inserting Items into a Spreadsheet

    Lecture 78 Inserting Pictures

    Lecture 79 Inserting Shapes and Text Boxes

    Lecture 80 Inserting Icons and 3D Models

    Lecture 81 Creating Diagrams using SmartArt

    Lecture 82 Inserting Screenshots

    Lecture 83 Inserting Comments

    Lecture 84 Exercise 12

    Section 14: Excel 2021 Beginner: Working with Views and Zoom

    Lecture 85 Workbook Views

    Lecture 86 Using Zoom in a Worksheet

    Lecture 87 Arranging Workbooks and Worksheets

    Lecture 88 Freezing Panes

    Lecture 89 Exercise 13

    Section 15: Excel 2021 Beginner: Page Layout and Print Options

    Lecture 90 Setting Margins and Orientation

    Lecture 91 Setting and Clearing the Print Area

    Lecture 92 Inserting Page Breaks

    Lecture 93 Setting Print Titles and a Background

    Lecture 94 Inserting Headers and Footers

    Lecture 95 Printing a Workbook

    Lecture 96 Exercise 14

    Section 16: Excel 2021 Beginner: Finalizing the Spreadsheet

    Lecture 97 Protecting Workbooks and Worksheets

    Lecture 98 Spell Checking

    Lecture 99 Inspecting the Workbook

    Lecture 100 Saving the Workbook in Different Formats

    Lecture 101 Sharing a Workbook

    Lecture 102 Exercise 15

    Section 17: Excel 2021 Beginner: Course Close

    Lecture 103 Course Close

    Section 18: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Introduction

    Lecture 104 Course Introduction

    Lecture 105 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Exercise Files

    Lecture 106 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Instructor Files

    Section 19: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Designing Better Spreadsheets

    Lecture 107 The Golden Rules of Spreadsheet Design

    Lecture 108 Improving Readability with Cell Styles

    Lecture 109 Controlling Data Input

    Lecture 110 Adding Navigation Buttons

    Section 20: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Making Decisions with Logical Functions

    Lecture 111 Logical Functions (AND, OR, IF)

    Lecture 112 The IF Function

    Lecture 113 Nested IFs

    Lecture 114 The IFS Function

    Lecture 115 Conditional IFs (SUMIF, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF)

    Lecture 116 Multiple Criteria (SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS)

    Lecture 117 Error Handling with IFERROR and IFNA

    Lecture 118 Exercise 01

    Section 21: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Looking Up Information

    Lecture 119 Looking Up Information using VLOOKUP (Exact Match)

    Lecture 120 Looking Up Information using VLOOKUP (Approx Match)

    Lecture 121 Looking Up Information Horizontally Using HLOOKUP

    Lecture 122 Performing Flexible Lookups With INDEX And MATCH

    Lecture 123 Using XLOOKUP and XMATCH

    Lecture 124 The OFFSET Function

    Lecture 125 The INDIRECT Function

    Lecture 126 Exercise 02

    Section 22: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Advanced Sorting and Filtering

    Lecture 127 Performing Sorts on Multiple Columns

    Lecture 128 Sorting Using a Custom List

    Lecture 129 The SORT and SORTBY Functions

    Lecture 130 Using the Advanced Filter

    Lecture 131 Extracting Unique Values - The UNIQUE Function

    Lecture 132 The FILTER Function

    Lecture 133 Exercise 03

    Section 23: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Working with Date and Time

    Lecture 134 Understanding How Dates are Stored in Excel

    Lecture 135 Applying Custom Date Formats

    Lecture 136 Using Date and Time Functions

    Lecture 137 Using the WORKDAY and WORKDAY.INT Functions

    Lecture 138 Using the NETWORKDAYS and NETWORKDAYS.INT Function

    Lecture 139 Tabulate Date Differences with the DATEDIF Function

    Lecture 140 Calculate Dates with EDATE and EOMONTH

    Lecture 141 Exercise 04

    Section 24: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Preparing Data for Analysis

    Lecture 142 Importing Data into Excel

    Lecture 143 Removing Blank Rows, Cells and Duplicates

    Lecture 144 Changing Case and Removing Spaces

    Lecture 145 Splitting Data using Text to Columns

    Lecture 146 Splitting Data using Text Functions

    Lecture 147 Splitting or Combining Cell Data Using Flash fill

    Lecture 148 Joining Data using CONCAT

    Lecture 149 Formatting Data as a Table

    Lecture 150 Exercise 05

    Section 25: Excel 2021 Intermediate: PivotTables

    Lecture 151 PivotTables Explained

    Lecture 152 Creating a PivotTable from Scratch

    Lecture 153 Pivoting the PivotTable Fields

    Lecture 154 Applying Subtotals and Grand Totals

    Lecture 155 Applying Number Formatting to PivotTable Data

    Lecture 156 Show Values As and Summarize Values By

    Lecture 157 Grouping PivotTable Data

    Lecture 158 Formatting Error Values and Empty Cells

    Lecture 159 Choosing a Report Layout

    Lecture 160 Applying PivotTable Styles

    Lecture 161 Exercise 06

    Section 26: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Pivot Charts

    Lecture 162 Creating a Pivot Chart

    Lecture 163 Formatting a Pivot Chart - Part 1

    Lecture 164 Formatting a Pivot Chart - Part 2

    Lecture 165 Using Map Charts

    Lecture 166 Exercise 07

    Section 27: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Adding Interaction to PivotTables and Charts

    Lecture 167 Inserting and Formatting Slicers

    Lecture 168 Inserting Timeline Slicers

    Lecture 169 Connecting Slicers to Pivot Charts

    Lecture 170 Updating PivotTable Data

    Lecture 171 Exercise 08

    Section 28: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Interactive Dashboards

    Lecture 172 What is a Dashboard?

    Lecture 173 Assembling a Dashboard - Part 1

    Lecture 174 Assembling a Dashboard - Part 2

    Lecture 175 Assembling a Dashboard - Part 3

    Lecture 176 Exercise 09

    Section 29: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Formula Auditing

    Lecture 177 Troubleshooting Common Errors

    Lecture 178 Tracing Precedents and Formula Auditing

    Lecture 179 Exercise 10

    Section 30: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Data Validation

    Lecture 180 Creating Dynamic Drop-down Lists

    Lecture 181 Other Types of Data Validation

    Lecture 182 Custom Data Validation

    Lecture 183 Exercise 11

    Section 31: Excel 2021 Intermediate: WhatIf Analysis Tools

    Lecture 184 Goal Seek and the PMT Function

    Lecture 185 Using Scenario Manager

    Lecture 186 Data Tables: One Variable

    Lecture 187 Data Tables: Two Variables

    Lecture 188 Exercise 12

    Section 32: Excel 2021 Intermediate: Course Close

    Lecture 189 Course Close

    Section 33: PowerPoint 2021: Introduction

    Lecture 190 Introduction to PowerPoint 2021

    Lecture 191 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Exercise Files

    Lecture 192 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Instructor Files

    Lecture 193 Creating Visually Stunning Presentations

    Lecture 194 Presentation Tips and Best Practice

    Lecture 195 Free PowerPoint Resources

    Lecture 196 Exercise 01

    Section 34: PowerPoint 2021: Getting Started in PowerPoint 2021

    Lecture 197 The PowerPoint 2021 Interface

    Lecture 198 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

    Lecture 199 Opening, Closing, and Saving Presentations

    Lecture 200 Using PowerPoint Templates

    Lecture 201 Setting PowerPoint Options

    Lecture 202 Exercise 02

    Section 35: PowerPoint 2021: Slides and Layouts

    Lecture 203 Slide Layouts

    Lecture 204 Adding, Arranging, and Duplicating Slides

    Lecture 205 Reusing Slides from Other Presentations

    Lecture 206 Creating Slides from an Outline

    Lecture 207 Slide Themes and Backgrounds

    Lecture 208 Exercise 03

    Section 36: Slide Workshop: Title Slide

    Lecture 209 Resizing a Background Image: Crop and Fill

    Lecture 210 Transparent Shape Overlays

    Lecture 211 Drawing and Formatting Shapes

    Lecture 212 Locking Shapes and Setting a Default Shape

    Lecture 213 Merging Shapes

    Lecture 214 Inserting a Logo: Filling Shapes with Pictures

    Lecture 215 Adding a Title and Subtitle: Inserting Text Boxes

    Lecture 216 Using the Eyedropper Tool

    Lecture 217 Exercise 04

    Section 37: PowerPoint 2021: Selection, Alignment and Grouping

    Lecture 218 Selecting Objects

    Lecture 219 Arranging, Renaming, and Changing the Z-Order

    Lecture 220 Aligning and Grouping Objects

    Lecture 221 Exercise 05

    Section 38: Slide Workshop: Meet The Team

    Lecture 222 Duplicating and Reformatting Slides

    Lecture 223 Filling Shapes with Images

    Lecture 224 Copying Formatting: Format Painter

    Lecture 225 Bullets, Numbered Lists, and Paragraph Text

    Lecture 226 The Morph Transition

    Lecture 227 Exercise 06

    Section 39: Slide Workshop: Divider Slides

    Lecture 228 Merging Images Across Shapes

    Lecture 229 Inserting and Formatting Icons

    Lecture 230 Compressing Pictures

    Lecture 231 Animating Objects: Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit Effects

    Lecture 232 Applying Multiple Animations

    Lecture 233 Triggering Animations

    Lecture 234 Organising Slides: Slide Sorter View

    Lecture 235 Exercise 07

    Section 40: Slide Workshop: Our Destinations

    Lecture 236 Adding Half-Page Image Slides

    Lecture 237 Actions: Linking to Slides

    Lecture 238 Using Slide Zoom

    Lecture 239 Inserting Hyperlinks to Slides, Websites, Documents, and Email

    Lecture 240 Exercise 08

    Section 41: Slide Workshop: Tables, Charts and Diagrams

    Lecture 241 Adding and Formatting Tables

    Lecture 242 Creating a Process Flow Diagram with SmartArt

    Lecture 243 Creating a Custom Process Flow Diagram with Shapes and Connectors

    Lecture 244 Creating an Organization Diagram with SmartArt

    Lecture 245 Inserting Charts: Line Chart

    Lecture 246 Formatting Charts

    Lecture 247 Exercise 09

    Section 42: PowerPoint 2021: More Graphics

    Lecture 248 Inserting Stickers, Cut Out People, Illustrations, and Cartoon Images

    Lecture 249 Removing an Image Background

    Lecture 250 Exercise 10

    Section 43: PowerPoint 2021: Video, Audio and Screenshots

    Lecture 251 Inserting and Editing Videos

    Lecture 252 Creating a Motion Video Background

    Lecture 253 Adding Audio Files

    Lecture 254 Inserting Screenshots

    Lecture 255 Recording the Screen

    Lecture 256 Exercise 11

    Section 44: Slide Workshop: Transitions, Zoom and Motion Paths

    Lecture 257 Adding and Modifying Slide Transitions

    Lecture 258 Advanced Morph

    Lecture 259 Summary Zoom

    Lecture 260 Pan and Zoom

    Lecture 261 Animating Objects with Motion Paths

    Lecture 262 Exercise 12

    Section 45: PowerPoint 2021: Master Slides

    Lecture 263 What are Master Slides?

    Lecture 264 Modifying Master Slides

    Lecture 265 Exercise 13

    Section 46: PowerPoint 2021: Extending PowerPoint with Add-ins

    Lecture 266 PowerPoint Add-ins

    Lecture 267 Countdown Timer Add-in

    Lecture 268 QR Code Add-in

    Lecture 269 Pro Word Cloud

    Lecture 270 Exercise 14

    Section 47: PowerPoint 2021: Preparing Slides for Delivery

    Lecture 271 Adding a Header and Footer

    Lecture 272 Adding and Formatting Speaker Notes to a Presentation

    Lecture 273 Using the Notes Master

    Lecture 274 Hiding and Unhiding Slides

    Lecture 275 Rehearse Timings

    Lecture 276 Setting Up and Running a Custom Slide Show

    Lecture 277 Adding and Replying to Comments

    Lecture 278 Exercise 15

    Section 48: PowerPoint 2021: Delivering a Presentation

    Lecture 279 Using Presenter View

    Lecture 280 On-screen Presentation Options

    Lecture 281 Record and Narrate a Presentation

    Lecture 282 Exercise 16

    Section 49: PowerPoint 2021: Exporting, Sharing and Printing

    Lecture 283 Sharing a Presentation

    Lecture 284 Exporting a Presentation

    Lecture 285 The Info Tab

    Lecture 286 Protecting a Presentation

    Lecture 287 Printing a Presentation

    Lecture 288 Exercise 17

    Section 50: PowerPoint 2021: Course Close

    Lecture 289 Course Close

    Section 51: Word 2021: Introduction

    Lecture 290 Welcome and Overview

    Lecture 291 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Exercise Files

    Lecture 292 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Instructor Files

    Lecture 293 Exercise 01

    Section 52: Word 2021: The Basics

    Lecture 294 The Start Screen

    Lecture 295 Explore the Word Interface

    Lecture 296 Work with the Ruler and Zoom

    Lecture 297 Check Spelling as you Type

    Lecture 298 Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

    Lecture 299 Keyboard Shortcuts

    Lecture 300 Screentips, Contextual Menus and Ribbons

    Lecture 301 Get Help

    Lecture 302 Exercise 02

    Section 53: Word 2021: Get Started - Work with Documents

    Lecture 303 Create and Save a Document

    Lecture 304 Open and Edit an Existing Document

    Lecture 305 Create a Document from a Template

    Lecture 306 Navigate Around a Document

    Lecture 307 Find Tools in Word

    Lecture 308 Exercise 03

    Section 54: Word 2021: View Documents

    Lecture 309 Switch Document Views

    Lecture 310 Use the Immersive Reader and Focus

    Lecture 311 Dark Mode

    Lecture 312 Exercise 04

    Section 55: Word 2021: Work with Text

    Lecture 313 Enter Text and Apply Basic Formatting

    Lecture 314 Make Selections

    Lecture 315 Advanced Text Formatting

    Lecture 316 Move Text with Cut, Copy and Paste

    Lecture 317 Copy Formatting Using Format Painter

    Lecture 318 Paste Options

    Lecture 319 Find and Replace

    Lecture 320 Exercise 05

    Section 56: Word 2021: Work with Paragraphs

    Lecture 321 Format Paragraphs and Alignment

    Lecture 322 Line Spacing Options

    Lecture 323 Work with Non-Printing Characters

    Lecture 324 Bullets and Numbered Lists

    Lecture 325 Indent Paragraphs

    Lecture 326 Align Text with Tabs

    Lecture 327 Exercise 06

    Section 57: Word 2021: Themes

    Lecture 328 Apply a Theme

    Lecture 329 Create a Custom Theme

    Lecture 330 Exercise 07

    Section 58: Word 2021: Word Styles

    Lecture 331 Why Styles Are Useful?

    Lecture 332 Apply Styles to Paragraphs

    Lecture 333 Modify Styles in the Styles Pane

    Lecture 334 Create a Custom Style

    Lecture 335 Exercise 08

    Section 59: Word 2021: Insert Pictures, Tables and Other Objects

    Lecture 336 Insert and Format Pictures

    Lecture 337 Insert Stock and Online Pictures

    Lecture 338 Text Wrapping

    Lecture 339 Insert and Format Text Boxes

    Lecture 340 Insert and Format Shapes

    Lecture 341 Use the Selection Pane

    Lecture 342 Insert Other Graphics

    Lecture 343 Insert SmartArt, Charts and Screenshots

    Lecture 344 Draw with Touch

    Lecture 345 Organize Information in a Table

    Lecture 346 Exercise 09

    Section 60: Word 2021: Format Pages

    Lecture 347 Page Size and Margins

    Lecture 348 Work with Section and Page Breaks

    Lecture 349 Inserting Additional Pages (Cover page and blanks)

    Lecture 350 Apply Columns

    Lecture 351 Add Headers, Footers and Page Numbers

    Lecture 352 Insert Hyperlinks

    Lecture 353 Insert Bookmarks

    Lecture 354 Use Quick Parts

    Lecture 355 Exercise 10

    Section 61: Word 2021: References

    Lecture 356 Modify and Update a Table of Contents

    Lecture 357 Use Footnotes and Endnotes

    Lecture 358 Build a Bibliography

    Lecture 359 Insert Captions and a Table of Figures

    Lecture 360 Create an Index

    Lecture 361 Insert a Table of Authorities

    Lecture 362 Insert Cross References

    Lecture 363 Exercise 11

    Section 62: Word 2021: Mail Merge

    Lecture 364 Use the Mail Merge Wizard to Create Letters

    Lecture 365 Create Envelopes with Merge Fields

    Lecture 366 Create Labels Using Merge Fields

    Lecture 367 Exercise 12

    Section 63: Word 2021: Spelling and Grammar

    Lecture 368 Check Spelling and Grammar

    Lecture 369 Use Auto-correct to Fix Mistakes

    Lecture 370 Exercise 13

    Section 64: Word 2021: Track Changes and Comments

    Lecture 371 Use Track Changes

    Lecture 372 Accept and Reject Changes

    Lecture 373 Track Change Settings

    Lecture 374 Add Comments

    Lecture 375 Document Comparison

    Lecture 376 Exercise 14

    Section 65: Word 2021: Finalize a Document

    Lecture 377 Print Documents

    Lecture 378 Document Properties

    Lecture 379 Check a Document for Issues

    Lecture 380 Protect a Document

    Lecture 381 Share a File with Others

    Lecture 382 Co-author Documents Online

    Lecture 383 Exercise 15

    Section 66: Word 2021: Course Close

    Lecture 384 Course Close

    Users of Microsoft 2021 and those upgrading from previous software versions,Users who have Microsoft Office foundation and seeking to advance their Excel knowledge.



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    How To Connect With Your Customers

    How To Connect With Your Customers
    Published 8/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 131.83 GB | Duration: 100h 27m

    Learn to connect, talk to and super satisfy your customers

    What you'll learn
    How to connect with your customers
    How to talk to your customers
    How to sell to your customers on a long term basis
    How to create and maintain a relationship with your customers
    How to stay in touch with your customers
    How to get customers to follow you on social media
    How to keep the customers you have
    How to gain the trust of your customers

    No prerequisites, anyone can start

    Hi. Welcome to "How to connect with your customers". In this course we're dividing into the topic of connecting with your customers. When you connect with your customers, sales and relationships are more easy and more effective. You make long term relationships where customers become regulars. Talking to customers becomes easy and more enjoyable. Customers generally feel a sense of having a great shopping experience. I cover talking to your customers, connecting with your customers, selling to your customers and staying in touch with your customers. I also cover how to super satisfy your customers to increase the chances of that customer buying from you regularly. You want to start with chatting up your customers to get to know them and have them get to know you. When you get to know each other, you know more of what to say and you give your customer a sense of trust. Then you need to ask the right questions in order to suggest the perfect product of their dreams. When the product is perfect, the sale is easier and more relevant. Now that you have their perfect product, you give them the best deal and close the sale. That is a brief summary of how this sales technique works. You must also connect with your customers on social media in order to stay in touch, sell to them long term, and get them to share your posts, coupons and offers with their friends. Check out this course because it all starts with connecting with your customers and staying connected with your customers. The better your connection, the better your relationships and the more you know about your customers, the better your long term sales and success of your business. Take this course and improve your connections, relationships, sales, enjoyment and effectiveness with your customers.


    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Section 2: Overview

    Lecture 2 Why connect with your customers

    Lecture 3 How to connect with your customers

    Lecture 4 Relevance

    Lecture 5 Selling in stages

    Lecture 6 Consultation

    Lecture 7 Connecting in conversation

    Lecture 8 Caring about the customer

    Lecture 9 Social media

    Lecture 10 Persuasion and harmony

    Lecture 11 When to sell

    Lecture 12 Communicate what the customer gets from your product

    Lecture 13 Conversation

    Lecture 14 Salesperson traits

    Lecture 15 Giving free stuff

    Lecture 16 Engagement

    Lecture 17 Connection and goals

    Lecture 18 Goals

    Lecture 19 High pressure sales

    Section 3: Conversation

    Lecture 20 Having a conversation

    Lecture 21 Staying positive

    Lecture 22 Starting a conversation

    Lecture 23 Things you have in common with your customer

    Lecture 24 Complements

    Lecture 25 Breaking the ice

    Lecture 26 The purpose of the conversation

    Lecture 27 Maintaining a conversation

    Lecture 28 Get the customer engaged in conversation

    Lecture 29 Transitioning conversational stages

    Lecture 30 How to have a good conversation

    Lecture 31 Communicate good feelings

    Lecture 32 Communicating product knowledge

    Lecture 33 Communicating product buy ability

    Lecture 34 Communicate high value

    Lecture 35 Ending the social conversation

    Lecture 36 Conversational goals

    Section 4: Consultation

    Lecture 37 Connecting to your customer with consultation

    Lecture 38 Giving value through consultation

    Lecture 39 How to consult with a customer

    Lecture 40 Asking questions to improve results

    Lecture 41 What questions to ask

    Lecture 42 Demonstration and consultation

    Lecture 43 Value influences customers

    Lecture 44 Prospecting and consultation

    Section 5: Sales

    Lecture 45 Sales and up sales

    Lecture 46 Maintaining a connection through sales

    Lecture 47 Focus on the customer

    Lecture 48 Confidence

    Lecture 49 Honesty

    Lecture 50 Sales logistics

    Lecture 51 Persuasion

    Lecture 52 How to persuade

    Lecture 53 What persuades people

    Lecture 54 Things that get people to buy

    Lecture 55 Deals

    Lecture 56 Competition

    Lecture 57 Relevance

    Lecture 58 Relationship

    Lecture 59 Building the sale

    Lecture 60 Stages of selling

    Lecture 61 Having enough information about the customer

    Lecture 62 Trying the product

    Lecture 63 Replying to customer comments

    Lecture 64 What gets the customer to make the purchase

    Lecture 65 Showing the best product

    Lecture 66 Goals of the sale

    Lecture 67 Making regular sales to your customer

    Section 6: Social media

    Lecture 68 How social media works for customers

    Lecture 69 Selling through social media

    Lecture 70 Growing an audience

    Lecture 71 Goals of connecting on social media

    Lecture 72 How to get social media information

    Lecture 73 YouTube

    Lecture 74 Facebook

    Lecture 75 Get people to follow you and stay subscribed

    Section 7: Connection

    Lecture 76 What is connection

    Lecture 77 What is the best connection

    Lecture 78 Find commonalities

    Lecture 79 Authenticity

    Lecture 80 Get the customer to connect with you

    Lecture 81 Relating in the conversation

    Lecture 82 Interest and connection

    Lecture 83 Recommend a better product

    Lecture 84 Maintain positivity

    Lecture 85 Have positive intentions

    Lecture 86 Treating customers really well

    Lecture 87 Maintain a connection

    Lecture 88 Business connection

    Lecture 89 How the customer wants to connect

    Lecture 90 Give free stuff

    Lecture 91 Confidence

    Lecture 92 Hospitality

    Lecture 93 Honesty

    Lecture 94 Persuasion

    Section 8: What customers like

    Lecture 95 The shoppers high

    Lecture 96 What customers generally like

    Lecture 97 Being all engaged with the customer

    Lecture 98 The experience

    Lecture 99 Knowing what the specific customer likes

    Lecture 100 Know what your customers like

    Lecture 101 More hits, less misses

    Lecture 102 Know before making recommendations

    Lecture 103 The entire package

    Lecture 104 Caring about your customers

    Lecture 105 People and equality

    Lecture 106 Browsing

    Section 9: Shopping experience

    Lecture 107 Delighting your customer

    Lecture 108 Convenience

    Lecture 109 Intentions

    Lecture 110 Mutual enjoyment

    Lecture 111 Get into a good mood

    Lecture 112 Give free stuff

    Lecture 113 Give in ways you don't directly profit from

    Lecture 114 Great first impressions

    Lecture 115 Relationship experience

    Lecture 116 Play music for your customers

    Section 10: Satisfying customers

    Lecture 117 Satisfying customers is the goal

    Lecture 118 Good communication

    Lecture 119 Communicate your goal to satisfy your customers

    Lecture 120 How to satisfy your customers

    Lecture 121 Attention to detail

    Lecture 122 Get regular customer feedback

    Section 11: Relationship

    Lecture 123 Why form a relationship

    Lecture 124 How to start a relationship

    Lecture 125 Why customers want relationships with salespeople

    Lecture 126 Relationship dynamics

    Lecture 127 Building relationships

    Lecture 128 What relationships do customers want

    Lecture 129 How to build a relationship

    Lecture 130 Relationships keep existing customers

    Lecture 131 Approaching your customers mindset

    Lecture 132 How to get your customer to want a relationship with you

    Section 12: Approach

    Lecture 133 A better approach

    Lecture 134 How to approach

    Lecture 135 Give good impressions

    Lecture 136 What to say during the approach

    Lecture 137 Demonstrate high value

    Lecture 138 How to communicate high value

    Lecture 139 Warming up

    Lecture 140 Purpose of the approach

    Lecture 141 Approach your way

    Lecture 142 Responses of the approach

    Section 13: Customer responses

    Lecture 143 Customer responses

    Lecture 144 Get a good response

    Lecture 145 Giving responses to customers

    Lecture 146 Spontaneity

    Lecture 147 Negative responses

    Section 14: Customers

    Lecture 148 Customers use money

    Lecture 149 Treating customers well

    Lecture 150 Relating to customers

    Lecture 151 Sharing the same goal

    Lecture 152 Treating customers properly

    Lecture 153 Getting customers and keeping customers

    Section 15: Deals

    Lecture 154 Find the right product first

    Lecture 155 Prices

    Lecture 156 Competition

    Lecture 157 Bargaining

    Lecture 158 Talking about deals to your customer

    Lecture 159 Deals attract customers

    Lecture 160 Deals and sales

    Section 16: Making regular customers

    Lecture 161 Creating regular customers

    Lecture 162 Relationships

    Lecture 163 Staying in touch with your customers

    Lecture 164 Giving free stuff

    Lecture 165 Know your customer

    Lecture 166 Shopping experience

    Lecture 167 Making your customers feel welcome

    Lecture 168 Satisfied customers

    Lecture 169 Treating regular customers

    Lecture 170 Create content people like to consume

    Section 17: Goals

    Lecture 171 The various goals of the customer interaction

    Lecture 172 Covering all of your goals

    Lecture 173 Goals to start with

    Lecture 174 Enjoying your goals

    Lecture 175 Social media shoutouts

    Lecture 176 Shopping experience

    Lecture 177 Human connection

    Lecture 178 Achieving your goals

    Section 18: How to treat your customers

    Lecture 179 Treating your customers well

    Lecture 180 How to treat your customers well

    Lecture 181 What customers see as being treated well

    Lecture 182 How customers want to be treated

    Section 19: How to get customers to buy from you

    Lecture 183 Getting customers to buy from you

    Lecture 184 How to get customers to buy from you

    Lecture 185 What makes customers shop where they shop

    Lecture 186 How companies get people to buy from them

    Lecture 187 Get the customer to feel like buying

    Lecture 188 Things that matter to customers

    Lecture 189 Details and more important things

    Lecture 190 Knowing your customer

    Lecture 191 Mutual admiration

    Lecture 192 Set the goal to get the customer to buy from you

    Section 20: Delight your customers

    Lecture 193 How companies delight their customers

    Lecture 194 What delights customers

    Lecture 195 Know what delights your customer

    Lecture 196 What matters

    Lecture 197 What to give your customers

    Lecture 198 Complements

    Section 21: Internet connection

    Lecture 199 Creating a following

    Lecture 200 Creating content

    Lecture 201 Responding to comments

    Lecture 202 What content gets attention

    Lecture 203 Selling on the internet

    Lecture 204 Grow an audience

    Lecture 205 Interest your followers

    Section 22: Appealing to customers

    Lecture 206 Fan talk

    Lecture 207 Talk about what your customer loves

    Lecture 208 Find similarities

    Lecture 209 How to appeal to customers

    Lecture 210 Talk about what's interesting

    Lecture 211 One customer represents your relationship to more customers

    Lecture 212 What appeals to customers

    Lecture 213 Do what appeals to your customers

    Lecture 214 Selling

    Lecture 215 How to know what appeals to your customers

    Section 23: Approaches to sales

    Lecture 216 Appealing to different customers

    Lecture 217 Forming a personal connection first

    Lecture 218 Enthusiasm

    Lecture 219 Authenticity

    Lecture 220 Honesty

    Lecture 221 Selling speed

    Lecture 222 Responses from the customer

    Lecture 223 Spontaneous conversation

    Lecture 224 Guiding the customer

    Lecture 225 Customizing the sale

    Section 24: What customers say

    Lecture 226 Bargaining

    Lecture 227 I'll think about it

    Lecture 228 I'll shop around

    Lecture 229 Asks for something cheap

    Lecture 230 How to influence what customers say

    Lecture 231 Controlling the conversation

    Lecture 232 Solving problems

    Lecture 233 What's wrong with the product

    Lecture 234 Asks for something specific

    Lecture 235 When the customer is not talking

    Section 25: Interaction

    Lecture 236 Enjoying the interaction

    Lecture 237 How to have an enjoyable interaction

    Lecture 238 Interacting with the customer

    Lecture 239 Getting people to interact

    Lecture 240 Interacting in a positive way

    Lecture 241 Do things for the customer

    Section 26: Positive conversation

    Lecture 242 Positive conversation

    Lecture 243 Communicating positivity

    Lecture 244 Communicate negativity positively

    Lecture 245 Positive guidance

    Lecture 246 Creating positivity

    Lecture 247 How to create positivity

    Lecture 248 Influencing the conversation

    Lecture 249 Positive selling

    Lecture 250 Focus on the positive

    Lecture 251 Win through positivity

    Section 27: Understanding your customers

    Lecture 252 Understanding your customers

    Lecture 253 Learning about your customers

    Lecture 254 What your customers talk about

    Lecture 255 Make the customer feel understood

    Lecture 256 Knowing your customer

    Lecture 257 Asking questions

    Lecture 258 Connect in the conversation

    Lecture 259 How to ask good questions

    Section 28: Communication

    Lecture 260 Creating good communication

    Lecture 261 How to create good communication

    Lecture 262 Good communication builds relationships

    Lecture 263 Good communication makes better connection

    Lecture 264 Asking questions about what your customers are saying

    Lecture 265 Honestly communicating

    Section 29: Transitioning sales stages

    Lecture 266 Transitioning in the sales stages

    Lecture 267 Conversation and social media

    Lecture 268 Conversation to consultation

    Lecture 269 Transitioning to consultation

    Lecture 270 Getting to the sale

    Lecture 271 How to transition into the sale

    Lecture 272 Reasons for the transitions

    Lecture 273 Keeping the customer engaged

    Lecture 274 Keeping the connection during the transition

    Lecture 275 Keeping the connection after the sale

    Section 30: Creating regular customers

    Lecture 276 Building trust and expertise

    Lecture 277 Getting customers to a decision

    Lecture 278 Getting the customer interested

    Lecture 279 Knowing what customers are interested in

    Lecture 280 Giving more than the perfect product

    Lecture 281 The sales timeline

    Lecture 282 Connecting with second time customers

    Lecture 283 Reconnecting to customers you remember

    Lecture 284 Improving the product the customer buys

    Lecture 285 Connecting to regular customers

    Section 31: Different customers

    Lecture 286 How customers are different

    Lecture 287 Connecting to different people

    Lecture 288 Being interested in different people

    Lecture 289 Talking to different people

    Lecture 290 Selling to different people

    Lecture 291 Finding a connection

    Lecture 292 Finding interest

    Lecture 293 Different things that are important to customers

    Section 32: Relating to customers

    Lecture 294 How to relate with customers

    Lecture 295 Relating in conversation

    Lecture 296 Authentic relations

    Lecture 297 Being authentic

    Lecture 298 Acknowledging similarity

    Lecture 299 Ways to relate

    Lecture 300 Building honest relations

    Lecture 301 Telling your customer that you relate with them

    Lecture 302 Relating to the customer's needs

    Lecture 303 Get the customer to relate with you

    Section 33: How to connect

    Lecture 304 Sales and connection

    Lecture 305 Selling and connecting

    Lecture 306 Connections lead to sales

    Lecture 307 How connection leads to business

    Lecture 308 Conversation leads to connection

    Lecture 309 Connecting on multiple levels

    Lecture 310 Connecting in consultation

    Lecture 311 How to connect in stages

    Lecture 312 Sales and recommending products

    Lecture 313 Logistics

    Section 34: Important factors

    Lecture 314 Connecting on multiple levels

    Lecture 315 Satisfying customers is the best connection

    Lecture 316 Social media connection

    Lecture 317 Getting customers to share your social media

    Lecture 318 Connecting on a practical level

    Lecture 319 The customer will talk about their experience

    Lecture 320 Handling irate customers

    Lecture 321 Talking to irate customers

    Lecture 322 If customers don't want to buy

    Lecture 323 Showing people the right product

    Lecture 324 Positivity in your connections

    Lecture 325 Create positive connections

    Lecture 326 What holds customers back from buying

    Lecture 327 When the customer can't decide

    Lecture 328 When to be persuasive

    Lecture 329 Convincing the customer to buy

    Section 35: Things to know

    Lecture 330 Getting the customer to respond positively

    Lecture 331 Avoid a negative response

    Lecture 332 Customers want honesty

    Lecture 333 Talking about product negatives

    Lecture 334 Playing the long game

    Lecture 335 How not to lose a connection

    Lecture 336 How finding similarities works

    Lecture 337 How positivity works

    Lecture 338 What influences sales

    Lecture 339 Improving your product

    Lecture 340 Working with the right companies

    Lecture 341 Enjoying yourself

    Lecture 342 Leading the sale or following

    Lecture 343 Build trust with expert recommendations

    Lecture 344 When customers ask for products you don't have

    Lecture 345 Showing high quality products

    Lecture 346 Get the customer to buy from you

    Lecture 347 Have enough information

    Lecture 348 How to ask customers for information

    Lecture 349 How to ask for social media information

    Lecture 350 What is most persuasive to the customer

    Lecture 351 Relevance and honesty

    Section 36: Types of connections

    Lecture 352 Authentic connections

    Lecture 353 Admiration

    Lecture 354 Relatability

    Lecture 355 Compassion

    Lecture 356 Practice

    Lecture 357 Try to sell to every customer

    Lecture 358 Mindset

    Lecture 359 Connecting on a mindset level

    Lecture 360 Finding connections

    Lecture 361 Connecting to customers who are different

    Lecture 362 Business level connections

    Lecture 363 Connecting on multiple levels

    Lecture 364 Talking about travel

    Lecture 365 Talk about where your customer is from

    Lecture 366 Consultation and connection

    Lecture 367 Using expertise to connect with customers

    Lecture 368 Tell stories

    Lecture 369 Strengths of connections

    Lecture 370 How to find connections

    Lecture 371 Internet connection

    Lecture 372 Social media connections

    Lecture 373 How to connect on social media

    Lecture 374 Talking about price

    Lecture 375 Connecting on a sales level

    Lecture 376 Timing your connections

    Lecture 377 Purpose of timing your connections

    Lecture 378 Give free stuff

    Lecture 379 Play your customer's favorite music

    Lecture 380 Helping the customer

    Lecture 381 Social media profiles

    Section 37: Summary

    Lecture 382 Achieving certain goals

    Lecture 383 Have satisfying products

    Lecture 384 Logistics

    Lecture 385 Connecting to different people

    Lecture 386 Structure of the sale

    Lecture 387 How to relate with your customers

    Lecture 388 Building the sale

    Lecture 389 How to make the sale

    Lecture 390 Showing customers the right product

    Lecture 391 Connecting on social media

    Lecture 392 Persuasion

    Lecture 393 Relationship and sales

    Lecture 394 What holds people back from buying

    Lecture 395 Customer experience

    Lecture 396 Troubleshooting

    Lecture 397 Customer feedback

    Lecture 398 When and when not to sell

    Lecture 399 Levels of importance

    Lecture 400 Being agreeable

    Lecture 401 Getting to know the customer

    Lecture 402 Talking about relevant topics

    Lecture 403 Being genuine

    Lecture 404 Persuade for the benefit of the customer

    Lecture 405 Customers buy revolutionary products

    Lecture 406 Spontaneity

    Lecture 407 Expertise

    Lecture 408 Giving to your customers

    Lecture 409 Having a great shopping experience

    Lecture 410 Create events

    Lecture 411 Impressing your customers

    Lecture 412 It's all practice

    Lecture 413 Deal makers and breakers

    Lecture 414 What customers want

    Lecture 415 How to sell

    Lecture 416 Being yourself

    Lecture 417 How customers want to connect with you

    Lecture 418 Ask questions

    Lecture 419 Positive mindset

    Section 38: Success

    Lecture 420 Elevate your customer's mood

    Lecture 421 Taking chances

    Lecture 422 Caring about your customers

    Lecture 423 Staying in touch with your customers

    Lecture 424 Creating content to get a following

    Lecture 425 Giving the most value

    Lecture 426 Connections and selling

    Lecture 427 Knowing your customer through connection

    Lecture 428 Relate with your customer

    Lecture 429 Selling and building a relationship

    Lecture 430 Enjoy what you do

    Lecture 431 Sell the thing that makes the most positive impact on your customer

    Lecture 432 The deal matters

    Lecture 433 Don't worry about the word "no"

    Lecture 434 Customer expectations

    Lecture 435 More about social media

    Lecture 436 Internet content builds a following

    Lecture 437 Connecting with social media

    Lecture 438 Getting the customer to trust you

    Lecture 439 How to get into a positive mood

    Lecture 440 How to get your customers into a positive mood

    Lecture 441 How to create a positive environment

    Lecture 442 Customer feedback

    Lecture 443 Keep the customer engaged

    Lecture 444 Stay relevant

    Lecture 445 Learn what your customers like

    Lecture 446 Talking about technical things

    Lecture 447 Making a product sound great

    Lecture 448 How to build trust

    Lecture 449 Being honest and effective

    Lecture 450 How to communicate that you understand your customer

    Lecture 451 How to get to know your customer's personality

    Lecture 452 How to get the customer in the mood to buy

    Lecture 453 Actions are more important than words

    Lecture 454 Show and demonstrate the product

    Lecture 455 Radiate a positive mood

    Lecture 456 Do more for your customer

    Lecture 457 How to know what's valuable to the customer

    Lecture 458 How to approach a new customer

    Lecture 459 Finding a good price

    Lecture 460 Trying out new things

    Section 39: Bonus

    Lecture 461 How to implement sales techniques

    Lecture 462 Gauge your customer's interest

    Lecture 463 How you feel about the customer matters

    Lecture 464 Assume there is trust between you and your customer

    Lecture 465 Being patient with your customers

    Lecture 466 Promising a fulfilling product

    Lecture 467 Selling happiness

    Lecture 468 Find what value the customer needs

    Lecture 469 Selling with confidence

    Lecture 470 Being in the moment

    Lecture 471 Price products to move

    Section 40: Conclusion

    Lecture 472 Conclusion

    Salespeople,Business people,People selling anything,People who have customers



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    Excel Bootcamp A-Z | The Hands-On Excel Training

    Excel Bootcamp A-Z | The Hands-On Excel Training
    Published 8/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 6.13 GB | Duration: 5h 51m

    Learn how to get the most out of excel

    What you'll learn
    You will master Excel and boost your work productivity
    You will be able to create interactive dashboards using pivot tables and charts
    You will be able to create impactful charts and get the most out of Excel's visualization features such as conditional formatting and sparklines
    You will be able to leverage formulas and functions for your data analysis to get more insights more quickly
    You will learn from hands-on exercises that make sure you are able to implement everything straight away and to ensure you will remember all new information
    You will learn the most useful tips and tricks - no time is spent on trivial functionalities or examples
    You will have lifetime access to the ultimate excel training, which successfully helped thousands of students master excel
    You will have access to a trainer with 10+ years of training who is well-known within the analytics community

    No prior experience is needed
    Any windows excel version (Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365)

    You want to get up and running quickly in Excel or you already know a bit and want to learn how to get the most out of this wonderful tool. Then this training is for you. With a lot of practical examples and exercises you will learn about the most important topics you need to know. From working with formulas and functions to building dashboards with pivot tables and charts.This training is what you need if you are starting with Excel, struggling with Excel or want to deepen the Excel knowledge you already have. It is a complete Excel course that will help you build one of the most crucial skills in business- Excel proficiency.But be aware! It is not another boring copy/paste training where you learn irrelevant shortcuts or explore functionalities that do not provide much value in practice. You will learn tips and tricks that make you more efficient than ever in your everyday work. With a good grasp of key features and how they can be combined you'll be able to tackle common business challenges more effectively. Topics include: Building dashboards with Pivot Tables & Charts, visualization tools such as conditional formatting and sparklines, and of course everything you need to know about formulas and functions from conditional logic with IF functions to lookup functions like XLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH.After this training you will be able to gain insights from data quicker, visualize data correctly and automate some common manual tasks. Let's go!


    Section 1: Let's Get the Training Files First

    Lecture 1 Download Course Files

    Section 2: Getting Started with Excel | Excel Bootcamp Part 1

    Lecture 2 Shortcuts for selecting data and moving around the workbook

    Lecture 3 What you need to know about text, values, and dates

    Lecture 4 So what options do we have for sheets, rows & columns, and cells

    Lecture 5 Copy pasting data - clipboard tasks

    Lecture 6 Making everything pretty with formatting

    Lecture 7 Getting everything ready for printing

    Section 3: Fun with Formulas & Functions | Excel Bootcamp part 2

    Lecture 8 Creating a simple formula

    Lecture 9 Formulas for logical comparisons

    Lecture 10 Cell references: what's up with the dollar signs $

    Lecture 11 Exercise: where to put the $ signs?

    Lecture 12 Aggregation functions: get more done more quickly with functions

    Lecture 13 Logical functions: how to handle more complex logical conditions

    Lecture 14 IF function + nesting functions: if within an if, within another if

    Lecture 15 Some more practice with the IF function

    Lecture 16 IFS function: maybe easier?

    Lecture 17 Exercise: cell references, IF function, and returning blanks

    Lecture 18 Conditional calculations: COUNTIF(S)

    Lecture 19 Conditional calculations: SUMIF(S), AVERAGEIF(S)

    Section 4: Lookup Functions | Excel Bootcamp Part 3

    Lecture 20 VLOOKUP | The basics

    Lecture 21 HLOOKUP | Same logic, just the other way around

    Lecture 22 XLOOKUP | New and improved version

    Lecture 23 Matching data with lookup functions

    Lecture 24 Approximate vs exact match

    Lecture 25 Wildcards for more flexibility

    Lecture 26 INDEX MATCH | How it works

    Lecture 27 Row and column lookup

    Lecture 28 Multiple colum lookup

    Section 5: Charts and Data Visualization | Excel Bootcamp Part 4

    Lecture 29 Creating charts - where it all starts

    Lecture 30 Dealing with missing data and filters

    Lecture 31 How to customize any chart in any way you like

    Lecture 32 Best practices: making charts pretty and easier to read

    Lecture 33 Saving time with chart templates

    Section 6: Pivot Tables & Charts | Excel Bootcamp Part 5

    Lecture 34 Why pivot tables?

    Lecture 35 Preparing the data

    Lecture 36 Pivot tables 101

    Lecture 37 Customizing pivot tables

    Lecture 38 Grouping sorting and filtering

    Lecture 39 Custom calculations

    Lecture 40 Pivot charts

    Lecture 41 Creating a dashboard

    Anyone that wants a hands-on and fun excel training that focuses on the most impactful features,Excel users that want to deepen their knowledge and see if there are more efficient ways of doing this as well as explore new functionalities,Absolute beginners that want a structured learning path to master excel within a day



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    Design Thinking + Entrepreneurship: My 8-Step Launch Program

    Design Thinking + Entrepreneurship: My 8-Step Launch Program
    Last updated 10/2021
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 5.91 GB | Duration: 7h 8m

    Learn market research, service design, prototyping, branding, sales, & startup fundraising with Eazl!

    What you'll learn
    Learn to find specific audiences for your ideas.
    Develop human-centered design skills that enable you to create great products and services.
    Learn how to reduce the risks associated with entrepreneurship by validating your ideas before launching.
    Build a great brand for your new business.
    Learn how to raise a seed funding round no matter where you are in the world.

    Bring some idea of what you're going to build... because you're about to bring your idea into the world!

    -- Nat's Review: "This is the best course on entrepreneurship that I've seen."8 Steps to Becoming a Successful Business OwnerThere's a lot of fluff and theory about startups, entrepreneurship, and business modeling. You won't find any of that stuff here. That 8-step journey that we've built for you has been crafted through our founding team's real startup journey and with research from institutions like MIT, Y Combinator, and Stanford. This experience is about lowering your risk, accelerating your journey forward, and inviting you to join a thriving community of like-minded people.See Real World Examples as You Launch Your BusinessYour launch will be supported by real world examples of the business launch tools in this course in action. You'll have access to multiple target market interview recordings, downloadable support resources, and an inside look at data tracking Eazl's growth from a concept to a six-figure business in its first year. You'll also get to choose from three specialization tracks:Services and Live ExperiencesPhysical ProductsWeb Applications and Digital TechnologiesUnmatched Video Learning Experience QualityAnyone who has the willpower to do what it takes to become the boss will love this course. Leveraging our experience as the leading provider of entrepreneurial business education to a community of over 50,000 learners worldwide, we've created an unparalleled video-based learning experience for you. This experience is about real stuff involved in entrepreneurship, the power of visual learning, and the thrill of building something awesome. Starting with the first phase of the course, you'll learn how to select a launch market, collect the research you need to create an offering that people will pay for, and move down the human-centric design path. Then you'll move to phase two where you'll design a minimum viable product (MVP)--a very early version of your concept--that you can use to validate your idea before taking it to the public. In phase three you'll build your first operational version of the business, craft the first iteration of your brand and business story, get your first paying customers, and set yourself up to receive growth capital using a practical method that doesn't require you to deal with venture capitalists or lawyers. Come rock it with us!This course features music by Audionautix, Kevin MacLoed, and Chris ZabriskieTeam Eazl would like to thank the following people who underwrote the development of this learning experience:Platinum Circle Funders: Dundee and Ian Butcher, Bieke and Brian Burwell, and Michele ChaboudyGold Circle Funder: Landry Jones Silver Circle Funders: Christos Angelidakis, Eric Jacobson, Ricardo Pan Neves, David Valentine, Joselyn Quintero, and Mike Steely-----------Content Upgrade Journal• Version 1.1 (November 2021): In this upgrade, we've added new content related to finding business ideas that work well online, how to perform market research using the Internet and other tech-enabled researching methods, more prototyping tools, and more content on how to get your business' first customers. Enjoy the update!• Version 1.2 (January 2022): In this upgrade, we've added professionally-developed English-language subtitles. This will be a great addition for our ESL learners!


    Section 1: Welcome to the 8 Step Business Launch Program

    Lecture 1 What's Coming Up: a Short Introduction to the Course

    Lecture 2 Access All Course Templates, Guides, and Special Resources

    Section 2: Startup Step 1: Clarify Your Business Concept and Match it with Target Markets

    Lecture 3 The First Drop: How to Clarify Your Business Concept

    Lecture 4 How to Access to Eazl's Concept to Market Tool

    Lecture 5 Share Your Business Concept Sentence

    Lecture 6 Target Market Selection: Visualizing Markets, Segments, and Niches

    Lecture 7 Audience Ideation: How to Use Constraints and Segments

    Lecture 8 Are You Building a Two-sided Business? If So, This is for You.

    Lecture 9 Introducing the CAM System for Prioritizing Audiences

    Lecture 10 What MIT Found Out about Focus in Entrepreneurship

    Lecture 11[Extra Help] Identifying Chen and Samir's Possible Audiences (Digital Technology

    Lecture 12[Extra Help] Identifying Kym's Concept and Test Audiences (Retail and Products)

    Lecture 13[Extra Help] How to Use the CAM Market Filtration Tool

    Section 3: Startup Step 2: Perform Target Market Research for Your New Business

    Lecture 14 Why 45% of New Companies Fail (or Why Product/Market Fit is Mission #1)

    Lecture 15 Case Study: Visualizing Chen and Samir's Launch in Two Scenarios

    Lecture 16 Access to Eazl's Primary Market Research Tool

    Lecture 17 The Fundamentals of Human-centered Design

    Lecture 18 Risk Reduction with Three Areas of Primary Research

    Lecture 19 Interviews are Like Sailboats: Just Steer in the Right Direction

    Lecture 20 Watch Customers Reveal Strategic Information in Real Interviews

    Lecture 21 Access to Eazl's Primary Market Research Toolkit

    Lecture 22[Extra Help] LinkedIn? Power Game for Primary Market Research (Rebroadcast)

    Lecture 23[Optional] Watch a Live, Unedited Customer Interview

    Section 4: Startup Step 3: Use Your Target Market Research to Design a Better Business

    Lecture 24 Three Types of Customer Needs (or "Pain Points")

    Lecture 25[Optional] Let's Convert Real Market Research into a Needs Map Together

    Lecture 26 How to Find Customers' Attitudes Regarding Your Business Arena

    Lecture 27 Visualizing Customer Motivation through Your Purchasing Funnel

    Lecture 28[Selling Complex or Expensive Offerings] Selling to the Buying Center

    Lecture 29[Extra Help] Let's Extract Design & Marketing Needs from Real Audience Research

    Section 5: Startup Step 4: Estimate the Value of this Opportunity and Focus on a Tribe

    Lecture 30 Athlete or Megatron and the Impact on Your Customer Group (or "Tribe")

    Lecture 31 Audience Validation: Three Characteristics of Every Good Target Market

    Lecture 32[Optional] The Meg Media Case Study (an "Athlete" Startup)

    Lecture 33[Optional] The Tanium Case Study (a "Megatron" Startup)

    Lecture 34 The Peersight Tool: How We Remind Ourselves to Design Human-Centric Products

    Lecture 35 How to Create Your Customer Persona

    Lecture 36[Extra Help] Let's Use Real Customer Research to Create a Persona Together

    Section 6: Startup Step 5: Build and Test a Prototype of Your Business Concept

    Lecture 37 Prototype Concepting with the ORB System

    Lecture 38[Optional] Prototype Concepting: The Hire Hero Case Study

    Lecture 39 Let's Start Building! (or Getting around the Competition and Capital Roadblocks)

    Lecture 40[Prototyping for Services and Experiences] Your MVP as a Service Design

    Lecture 41[Prototyping for Physical Products] 3D Printing and CAD Fundamentals with Henry

    Lecture 42[Prototyping for Digital Products] Designing Your MVP as a Walking Skeleton

    Lecture 43 Testing Your Prototype: The Three Big Questions

    Lecture 44 How to Test Your Prototype as an MVP (or "Minimum Viable Product")

    Lecture 45[Optional] Here are Some of My Favorite MVP Testing Tools

    Lecture 46 When Your Know Your Prototype is Ready for It's Big Debut

    Section 7: Startup Step 6: Build the Brand, Set a Price, & Engineer the Customer Experience

    Lecture 47 The Real Deal with Branding: What I Wish I'd Have Known

    Lecture 48 The Four Core Parts of Your Business' New Identity

    Lecture 49 How to Write a Compelling Business Description

    Lecture 50[Optional] Case Study: a Tour of Artisan Access' New Identity

    Lecture 51 Pricing Strategies for Your New Business

    Lecture 52 Branding and Customer Loyalty through Experience Design

    Section 8: Startup Step 7: Get Your First and Second Groups of Customers

    Lecture 53 The Two Startup Sales Strategies (and the One that Usually Won't Work)

    Lecture 54 Visualizing a How a Startup's Marketing and Sales Activities Work

    Lecture 55[Optional] a Quick Intro to Startup Customer Relationship Management (or "CRM")

    Lecture 56 How to Approach Your First Group of Customers

    Lecture 57 The Launch Marketing Suite: Your New Business' First Selling Tool

    Lecture 58[Optional] Case Study: a Tour of Artisan Access' Launch Marketing Suite

    Lecture 59 How to Approach Influencers as Your Second Customer Group

    Lecture 60[Extra Help] Troubleshooting when You're Having a Hard Time Attracting Customers

    Section 9: Startup Step 8: Recruit a Lead Advisor and Raise a Seed Round of Funding

    Lecture 61 How We Suggest Most Startups Raise a Seed Round

    Lecture 62 How to Recruit a Lead Advisor to Help Guide Founder(s)

    Lecture 63[Optional] Case Study: How Meg Media Recruited Their Lead Advisor

    Lecture 64 #BeyondBusinessPlans: What Startups Really Need

    Lecture 65[Optional] Practical Research Methods for Your Business Case

    Lecture 66[Optional] Let's Draft Your First Financial Forecast Together

    Lecture 67 How to Design a Seed Round that Really Works[Contract Template Here]

    Section 10: Bonus Section: Extra Lean Branding and Launch-Phase Marketing Tutorials

    Lecture 68 Lean Branding I: Crafting Kym's Business Name

    Lecture 69 Lean Branding II: Developing the Artisan Access Color Palette

    Lecture 70 Lean Branding III: Creating a Typography Package for Free

    Lecture 71 Lean Branding IV: Designing a Cool, Inexpensive Logo

    Lecture 72 Lean Branding V: Writing Artisan Access' Public-facing Business Description

    Lecture 73 Let's Create the Artisan Access Launch Marketing Suite (Extended Tutorial)

    Section 11: Selected Features and Specs of this Course + Content Upgrade Journal

    Lecture 74[Optional] Selected Features and Specs of this Learning Experience

    Section 12: Discount Codes + Information about VIP Support

    Lecture 75 Access to Discount Codes and Eazl's VIP Support Team

    This course is perfect for both first-time entrepreneurs who want a clear pathway through launch and for entrepreneurs and freelancers who are already in the game and want a full set of resources to use as you develop your lasting entrepreneurial skills.



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    Complete day trading with Key level and Smart Money concept

    Complete day trading with Key level and Smart Money concept
    Last updated 12/2022
    Created by Jayce PHAM | Funded Trading Group
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 51 Lectures ( 7h 37m ) | Size: 6.43 GB

    Level 4. Apply Key level strategy and Smart Money concepts to day trade FTMO on Forex, Cryptocurrency ,Stocks perfectly

    What you'll learn
    Step by step how to scalp Forex, Crypto, Stock on the small timeframe and take profit within a day
    How to analyze market structure exactly (removed noise) with multiple timeframe.
    Fake break out/ range pullback in advanced
    Standard to define real-pullback / break out one by one candles.
    How many pairs you should manage for Scalping
    Which session is the best for scalping
    How to empty your mind when trading Especially scalping
    Which wave you should analyze on big timeframe.
    How to connect big TF - Mid TF - Small TF to understand total picture to scalp.
    When you should trade on M1 or M5 based on bigger TF
    5. Entry with confluence | un-confluence strategy | SMC
    6. How to control risk management
    The right mindset trading
    The trading edge must know
    How many money you can earn
    Exit losing streak status
    How to practice and be profitable after several months.
    What is expected results must have in trading history?
    - Which prop firms you should choose.

    You already had basic knowledge about Forex
    You already had basic knowledge about Supply Demand
    You already had basic knowledge about Market Structure
    You already had basic knowledge about Multiple timeframe analyzation
    You had enough perseverance to backtest it from 1 - 3 months before real trading

    Day trading or Scalping can be the big dream with any traders even newbie or experience on finance market. It brings you headache, stressful even you pay attention to learn a lot about trading strategies on the internet or different traders. Problem is :You didn't have the right trading mindset before tradingYou didn't have the right trading strategy for scalping or day trading. You didn't know how to control risk management You didn't know how to practice, just hard working is not the core to be successful in this career. All above problem will be explained detail on this courses based on my 7 - 8 years experience on trading with different assets and only use Key level strategy combine with Smart Money concepts to achieve TOP 10 / 3000 traders of trading competition by England funds - CTI . Btw, I also created a Discord channel for students to discuss together. In this channel, we will share the knowledge, tips to learn and analyzation every week on any assets. I also created a Competition that will help learn facing with yourself to improve your psychology, risk management on high pressure environment like real trading. The pressure comes from your competitors' results, big money capital ...All of above activities would help you to come profitable and consistency traders in near future. You can join discord channel to refer about it anytime.You will learn all the things on table content below : How to analyze market structure exactly (removed noise) with multiple timeframe.Standard to define real-pullback / break out one by one candles.Fake break out/ range pullback in advancedHow many pairs you should manage for ScalpingWhich session is the best for scalpingHow to empty your mind when trading Especially scalpingWhich wave you should analyze on big timeframe.How to connect big TF - Mid TF - Small TF to understandDefine valid structure -> trendWhen you should trade on M1 or M5 based on bigger TFEntry with confluence | un-confluence strategy | SMCHow to control risk management and be professional within several months. Recommendation : * Back test from 1 - 3 months before real trading. You can choose USDJPY to practice firsts.** Using headphone will help you learn more focused and better receptive*** Learning from examples to theory will help you easier to understand.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated history :1.Aug 26th 2022 - New release.Don't just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about my courses:" Amazing course ! Depth explanation. These knowledge helped me a lot - I passed challenge and verification last week. If possible, I hope to see you sharing combine SMC and Key level together "" All of Jaycee's course are very very good. There isn't a lot of other teachers who understand volume, price action, and smart money like him. He is a brilliant trader and I strongly recommend his courses. I would also like to address some of the negative comments I have seen about Jayce's English. In my opinion his English is fine. But if you have issues understanding anything the closed captions are 100% accurate. I have taken over 40 Udemy courses about trading and almost all have been by non English native speakers. You will miss out on a lot of good information if you don't try and understand. "" Amazing theory. Your courses were built like a learning school. Very detail and easy to absorb. Do you have any Discord / FB group or anything like that to learn more from you? Thanks "" What a nice course about SMC ! I enrolled both your 2 courses - That is very detail about SMC and Key level Strategy. Full of documents and Exam to absorb the lessons. Love it! "" 3 hours valuable course - Direct to problem. Not hide any aspects. Quiz and Exam test really useful and full of hard questions. I though I understood all about it before I take the test and realize some problem forgot. Combine with other your course really nice to trade "" Nice course with full downloadable contents and Quiz, Practice test with key questions. Useful and easier to absorb new thing. At the first time, I saw this course quite short but, every thing inside of course over my expectation "REMEMBER. I'm so confident that you'll love this course that we're offering a FULL money-back guarantee for 30 days! So it's a complete no-brainer, sign up today with ZERO risk and EVERYTHING to gain.So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and join the world's valuable trading course.

    Who this course is for
    People who have traded for a long time but they still don't have profit
    People who want to trade seriously
    People who want to change from officer to freedom trader
    People who want to trade like professional traders or trade for Forex funds.



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    Powerpoint 365 2-Course Bundle (Introduction & Advanced)

    Powerpoint 365 2-Course Bundle (Introduction & Advanced)
    Last updated 11/2019
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 7.44 GB | Duration: 7h 38m

    Get familiar with the basic and advanced workings of PowerPoint 365.

    What you'll learn
    Getting Started with PowerPoint
    Creating and Editing a Presentation
    Formatting Slide Text
    Working with Graphics
    Adding Tables and Charts
    Preparing and Delivering a Presentation
    Reusing slides and creating slide.
    Creating slides from Word and working with Excel.
    Learn to create Slide Masters, create custom themes, and design custom templates.
    Create exciting presentations by animating text and objects and adding slide transitions.
    Use advanced graphic features including SmartArt, and audio and video.
    Present using advanced presentation features including annotations, hyperlinks and action buttons, timings.
    Create recordings and videos.
    Review additional advanced slideshow options.

    Basic Computer Skills
    PowerPoint 365 Beginner or equivalent experience

    Save 20% on our PowerPoint 365 courses by purchasing this bundle!This bundle includes:PowerPoint 365 BeginnerPowerPoint 365 AdvancedIn the beginner portion of this course, students will get started with PowerPoint 365 and become familiar with the Ribbon, interface, and navigation options. Additionally, students will create a presentation and work with various features and commands to make it easier to work in PowerPoint. Students will also review presentation editing options, text formatting options, various graphic options and insertion methods, how to add, edit, and format tables and charts in a presentation, and various presentation preparation and delivery options.In the advanced portion of this course, students will learn the various collaboration tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 365 such as reusing slides, creating slides from Word, and working with Excel. Students will learn to utilize the power of Slide Masters, create custom themes, and design custom templates. In addition, students will learn to create exciting presentations by animating text and objects, add slide transitions, and use advanced graphic features including SmartArt, and audio and video. Finally, students will present like a pro by using advanced presentation features including annotations, hyperlinks and action buttons, timings, recordings, and creating videos, and review additional advanced slideshow options.


    Section 1: PowerPoint 365 Beginner

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Lecture 2 What is PowerPoint?

    Lecture 3 Opening PowerPoint

    Lecture 4 Touring the Interface

    Lecture 5 Using the Ribbon

    Lecture 6 Navigating PowerPoint Views

    Lecture 7 Creating a New Presentation

    Lecture 8 Adding Text and Slides

    Lecture 9 Working with Bulleted Lists

    Lecture 10 Applying a Theme

    Lecture 11 Using Transitions

    Lecture 12 Saving a Presentation

    Lecture 13 Using AutoSave and AutoRecover

    Lecture 14 Working with File Properties

    Lecture 15 Moving and Copying Slides

    Lecture 16 Using Outline View

    Lecture 17 Cutting and Copying Slide Content

    Lecture 18 Using Character Formatting

    Lecture 19 Working with Paragraph Formatting

    Lecture 20 Using Format Painter

    Lecture 21 Working with the Slide Master

    Lecture 22 Customizing a Bulleted List

    Lecture 23 Working with Numbered Lists

    Lecture 24 Inserting a Text Box

    Lecture 25 Inserting Pictures

    Lecture 26 Resizing and Arranging Pictures

    Lecture 27 Working with Picture Effects and Styles

    Lecture 28 Removing a Picture's Background

    Lecture 29 Adding and Working with Shapes

    Lecture 30 Aligning and Arranging Shapes

    Lecture 31 Formatting Shapes

    Lecture 32 Working with 3D Models

    Lecture 33 Using WordArt

    Lecture 34 Adding a Table

    Lecture 35 Working with Rows and Columns

    Lecture 36 Customizing the Table Design

    Lecture 37 Splitting and Merging Cells

    Lecture 38 Creating a Chart

    Lecture 39 Formatting Chart Elements

    Lecture 40 Customizing the Chart Design

    Lecture 41 Proofing a Presentation

    Lecture 42 Using Autocorrect and Find and Replace

    Lecture 43 Creating and Using a Zoom

    Lecture 44 Working with Speaker Notes and Handouts

    Lecture 45 Printing a Presentation

    Lecture 46 Converting a Presentation to PDF

    Lecture 47 Delivering a Presentation

    Lecture 48 Using Presenter View

    Lecture 49 Course Recap

    Section 2: PowerPoint 365 Advanced

    Lecture 50 Introduction

    Lecture 51 Reusing Slides from an Existing Presentation

    Lecture 52 Creating Slides from a Word Outline

    Lecture 53 Using Excel Data in PowerPoint

    Lecture 54 Co-Authoring with PowerPoint

    Lecture 55 Using Comments

    Lecture 56 Comparing and Merging Presentations

    Lecture 57 Understanding the Slide Master

    Lecture 58 Making Global Changes with the Master

    Lecture 59 Creating and Editing Layout Masters

    Lecture 60 Adding an Image to the Master

    Lecture 61 Adding Footers to Slides

    Lecture 62 Customizing and Saving a Theme

    Lecture 63 Creating a Template

    Lecture 64 Modifying Notes and Handout Masters

    Lecture 65 Working with Multiple Slide Masters

    Lecture 66 Adding Animation

    Lecture 67 Customizing Animation Effect Options

    Lecture 68 Creating a Motion Path

    Lecture 69 Configuring Animation Timing and Start Options

    Lecture 70 Reordering and Copying Animation

    Lecture 71 Using Animation Painter

    Lecture 72 Animating Bulleted Lists, Charts, and SmartArt

    Lecture 73 Adding Slide Transitions

    Lecture 74 Customizing Slide Transitions

    Lecture 75 Creating SmartArt

    Lecture 76 Working with SmartArt, Text, and Bullets

    Lecture 77 Customizing SmartArt

    Lecture 78 Inserting Audio

    Lecture 79 Configuring Audio Playback Options

    Lecture 80 Inserting Video

    Lecture 81 Configuring Video Playback Options

    Lecture 82 Customizing Video Style Options

    Lecture 83 Insert a Screen Recording

    Lecture 84 Adding Hyperlinks

    Lecture 85 Using Action Buttons in PowerPoint

    Lecture 86 Creating a Custom Slide Show

    Lecture 87 Creating and Working with Sections

    Lecture 88 Adding Annotations to Slides

    Lecture 89 Working with Hidden Slides

    Lecture 90 Recording Slide Timings

    Lecture 91 Configuring a Self-Running Presentation

    Lecture 92 Drawing and Writing in Digital Ink

    Lecture 93 Creating a Video From a Presentation

    Lecture 94 Packaging a Presentation

    Lecture 95 Course Recap

    Students wishing to get started with PowerPoint 365.,Those wishing to learn advanced PowerPoint skills in the MS Office 365 suite.



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    Das Gro?e Notizen-Paket - 3 Notizenapps In Einem Kurs!

    Das Gro?e Notizen-Paket - 3 Notizenapps In Einem Kurs!
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz
    Language: German | Size: 5.39 GB | Duration: 13h 36m

    Perfektionieren Sie jetzt Ihren Erfolg mit Microsoft OneNote, Google Notizen und Notezilla mit diesem Kurspaket!

    What you'll learn
    Im Bereich OneNote lernen Sie z.B.
    Die Installation und Benutzeroberfl?che ganz genau kennen!
    Notizen per E-Mail und WEB-Clipper erstellen!
    Alle Arten von Notizen anlegen, z.B. Text, Bilder, Grafiken oder Online-Videos!
    Im Bereich Google Notizen erlernen Sie z.B.
    Erinnerungen und Ortserinnerungen hinzuf?gen!
    Texte aus Bildern ?bernehmen und nach Google Dokumente ?bertragen!
    Erinnerungen aus Notizen im Google Kalender sehen!
    Im Bereich Notezilla lernen Sie z.B.
    Den Zugriff auf Notezilla und die Preisgestaltung!
    Wie Sie bestimmte Haftnotizen per Passwort vor Zugriffen sch?tzen!
    Wie Sie Haftnotizen mit Erinnerungsalarm in Windows mit Notezilla anlegen!
    Wie Sie Ihre Haftnotizen ?ber alle Ger?te hinweg nutzen k?nnen!

    Einen PC mit Windows 10 oder 11!
    Die Berechtigung Programme auf dem PC zu installieren!
    Ein (auch kostenloses) Microsoft-Konto!
    Ein (auch kostenloses) Google-Konto!
    F?r einige Lektion ein mobiles Ger?t zur Nachvollziehung!

    Das gro?e Notizen-Paket - Microsoft OneNote, Google Notizen und Notezilla in einem Kurs zu einem Preis!Das Kurspaket besteht aus 3 kompletten Kursen. Sie erhalten 13 Stunden 33 Minuten hochwertiges Lernmaterial, aufgeteilt in 106 leicht verst?ndlichen Video-Lektionen.Nach dem Kurs werden Sie als gut ausgebildete und im Umfeld wergen des neuen Wissens bewunderte Person entscheiden, welcher Kurs oder welche Kombination aus Kurs Ihr Leben einfacher und produktiver macht!Kurs 1: Lernen Sie alles in OneNote zu organisieren und zu verwalten!Bringen Sie Ihr Wissen ?ber Microsoft OneNote auf das n?chste Level - ganz unterhaltsam und ohne weitere Kosten!Bringen Sie Ihr Wissen ?ber Microsoft OneNote auf das n?chste Level - ganz unterhaltsam und ohne weitere Kosten!Diese App wird auch unter Windows 11 mit dem gleichen Namen im Microsoft Store zur Verf?gung gestellt.Mit dem von Microsoft kostenlos zur Verf?gung gestellten modernen Programm OneNote f?r Windows 10 sammeln, verwalten, finden und nutzen Sie Ihre Notizen und/oder interessanten Internet-Seiten ganz zentral.Sie k?nnen Text-, Foto-, Online-Video-, Audio- und Hyperlink-Notizen anlegen und Termine aus Microsoft Office Online ?bernehmen. Die Notizen lassen sich problemlos bearbeiten!Ganz einfach k?nnen Sie auch die Diktierfunktion nutzen und Ihre Notizen in und aus anderen Sprachen ?bersetzen.Da alle Notizen von OneNote zentral auf Microsoft Onedrive gespeichert werden, stehen Sie Ihnen auf allen Ger?ten mit Internet-Zugang immer zur Verf?gung.Der Kurs gibt Ihnen auch einen Vergleich zwischen Microsoft OneNote und Evernote als Orientierungshilfe.Die 6 Stunden 32 Minuten Videomaterial innerhalb von 48 Lektionen sind themenbezogen in folgenden Kapiteln organisiert:EinleitungInstallation und Benutzeroberfl?che!Mit Notizb?chern, Abschnitten und Seiten arbeiten!Die Men?leiste und die Einstellungen!Notizen anlegen!Notizen per E-Mail und WEB-Clipper erstellen!Weitere OneNote f?r Windows 10-Tipps!Besonders die detaillierte Vorstellung des Microsoft OneNote-WEB-Clippers wird Sie begeistern und macht die Sammlung von Informationen im Internet kinderleicht!Dieser Kurs hilft Ihnen auch, wenn Sie eine der weiteren Varianten von OneNote, z.B. auf mobilen Ger?ten, nutzen m?chten. Alle Varianten arbeiten nicht identisch, aber vergleichbar.Kurs 2: Google Notizen - schnell erlernt, einfach zu handhaben!Google Notizen ist eine App f?r Notizen, die direkt mit Google Drive verbunden ist. Im Gegensatz zum Gro?teil von Google Drive k?nnen Sie jedoch nicht wie bei Google Dokumente, Tabellen oder Pr?sentationen ?ber die Google Drive-App auf die Notizen zugreifen- aber im Kurs erlernen Sie wie Sie zugreifen werden!. Die App belegt Google Drive-Speicherplatz, aber die Notizen sind in der Regel so klein, dass Sie die Auswirkungen auf Ihr Drive-Speicherplatzkontingent wahrscheinlich nicht bemerken werden.Die App bietet eine einfache Benutzeroberfl?che, viele einfache Anpassungsfunktionen und Unterst?tzung f?r Googles Wear OS. Sie k?nnen auch einige verschiedene Arten von Notizen aufnehmen. Durch ihre geringe Komplexit?t ist sie schneller als komplexere L?sungen wie Evernote oder OneNote f?r die Erstellung von Notizen. Au?erdem bietet sie eine der besten plattform?bergreifenden Unterst?tzungen unter den mobilen Notizen-Apps. Und schlie?lich ist sie v?llig kostenlos, ohne In-App-K?ufe, Abonnements oder Premium-Versionen.Im Kurs "Google Notizen - schnell erlernt, einfach zu handhaben!" erlernen Sie das gesamte Wissen, das Sie ben?tigen, um dieses Programm perfekt zu beherrschen und zu nutzen - auf allen Ihren Ger?ten.Kurs 3: Notezilla - Ihre kreativen digitalen "gelben Zettel"!Notezilla ist eine Haftnotizen-App f?r Windows & Phones, die daf?r entwickelt wurde, dass Sie immer gut ausger?stet und organisiert sind. Es erm?glicht Ihnen, schnelle Notizen auf Haftnotizen (die wie 3M Post-It? Notes aussehen) direkt auf Ihrem Windows-Desktop zu machen und bietet Ihnen das beste Haftnotizen-Erlebnis.Mit der optionalen Cloud-Synchronisierungsfunktion k?nnen Sie Haftnotizen (ganz oder teilweise) sicher zwischen Computern synchronisieren, mit den kostenlosen Apps f?r iPhone/iPad, Android usw. von jedem Smartphone aus darauf zugreifen oder Haftnotizen an beliebige Kontakte in der ganzen Welt senden.In diesem Kurs erlenen Sie unter anderem:Den Zugriff auf Notezilla und die Preisgestaltung!Wie Sie Haftnotizen mit Erinnerungsalarm in Windows mit Notezilla anlegen!Wie Sie Haftnotizen mit Tags und Sternen in Notezilla gruppieren und organisieren!Wie Sie Haftnotizen mit sensiblen Daten sicher offline speichern!Wie Sie Ihre Haftnotizen ?ber alle Ger?te hinweg nutzen k?nnen!Den Weg zur Nutzung von Haftnotizen zur internen Kommunikation!Wie Sie bestimmte Haftnotizen per Passwort vor Zugriffen sch?tzen!Die 39 Lektionen des Kurses bieten Ihnen fast 5 Stunden hochwertige Lerninhalte.Sie werden zum absoluten Experten/zur absoluten Expertin in der Nutzung, Organisation und Verwaltung von digitalen "gelben Zetteln"!Sehen Sie sich bitte jetzt die kostenlosen Schnupperlektionen an!Schreiben Sie sich dann schnell und risikolos in den Kurs ein - Sie haben eine 30-Tage-Geld-zur?ck-Garantie!Vielen Dank f?r Ihr Interesse und Ihre Aufmerksamkeit.

    Who this course is for
    Sch?ler, Studenten und Absolventen von Hochschulen und Universit?ten. Berufst?tige und Angestellte, die ihre Produktivit?t steigern m?chten!,Alle Personen, die in ihrer t?glichen Arbeit mit Notiz-Tools zu tun haben!,Alle Personen, die sich f?r neue M?glichkeiten und Organisation interessieren!,Besondere Vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich!



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    Devenir Assistant Virtuel En Freelance - Travail ? Domicile

    Devenir Assistant Virtuel En Freelance - Travail ? Domicile
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz
    Language: Fran?ais | Size: 11.14 GB | Duration: 24h 12m

    Formation de 24 Heures pour devenir Assistant Virtuel - Devenez un vrai e-collaborateur

    What you'll learn
    Comment devenir un assistant virtuel sans aucune exp?rience ?
    Mettre en route un plan d'action
    Utiliser tous les outils mis ? disposition
    G?rer le service client,
    Effectuer des recherches sur Internet,
    G?rer un agenda,
    G?rer le courrier ?lectronique,
    G?rer la pr?sence sur les r?seaux sociaux,
    S'occuper du support technique,
    Planifier des ?v?nements,
    Trouver vos premiers clients
    Travailler votre offre et votre cible
    Email Marketing
    D?terminez quels services vous allez offrir
    Cr?ez une pr?sence sur le web pour promouvoir votre activit?
    Organiser son temps et son travail entre la gestion de ses clients et de son entreprise,
    Bien communiquer par mail et t?l?phone (avec ses clients ou en leur nom),
    Se sp?cialiser pour se distinguer des concurrents,
    Calculer ses tarifs et savoir les justifier aupr?s des clients,
    Appr?hender les principaux outils pour cr?er des visuels professionnels sans connaissances techniques,


    Vous vous int?ressez au m?tier d'assistant web et vous cherchez une formation pour devenir assistante virtuelle ? Vous ?tes au bon endroit.Vous d?couvrirez tout au long des 17 modules de cette formation e-learning que l'assistant virtuel n'est plus cantonn? ? l'ex?cution de t?ches simples de secr?tariat ? distance. Depuis l'av?nement du web 2.0, de plus en plus de missions sont confi?es ? ce partenaire en ligne et vont bien au-del? des t?ches administratives r?barbatives : nouvelles missions li?es par exemple aux r?seaux sociaux ou au webmarketing...Enfin, dans le but de vous proposer la formation la plus compl?te possible sur Udemy je m'engage ? :R?pondre ? vos questions rapidement (Merci de m'envoyer un message sur la rubrique Q&R de Udemy)Ajouter des cas pratiques ? la demande (Merci de m'envoyer un message sur la rubrique Q&R de Udemy si vous avez une proposition)Accompagner les participants avec des cas pratiques et autres sources utiles ? leur r?alisation.Ces ajouts de vid?os seront, bien entendu, gratuits si vous avez acquis la formation.Je reste disponible dans la rubrique Question/R?ponses d'Udemy pour r?pondre ? vos questions.? la fin de ce cours, si vous le suivez en entier et r?ussissez l'ensemble des quizz : Obtenez votre certification ?lectronique ? ins?rer dans votre CV et profil LinkedIn.Il ne me reste que plus qu'? vous souhaiter une bonne formation !

    Who this course is for
    Assistant virtuel en informatique,,Assistant virtuel comptable,,Secr?taire virtuel administratif,,Assistant virtuel en communication,,Freelanceur



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    Archicad 26 Essentials [ Digital Course]

    Archicad 26 Essentials [ Digital Course]
    Last updated 11/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.59 GB | Duration: 2h 9m

    ArchiCAD 26 Basics Tutorial

    What you'll learn
    Create an ArchiCAD 26 Project From Start To Finish
    Learn How To Draw A 2 D and 3D Floor Plan In ArchiCAD 26
    Document 2D elevations and building sections In ArchiCAD 26
    Publish your drawings into a PDF

    A laptop
    ArchiCAD 26 Software

    ArchiCAD 26 Essentials [Digital Course]This course consists of twenty-seven (27) lessons grouped into five (5) major parts. A residential house project is used to explain various concepts and steps. We are going to draw an ArchiCAD 26 project from start to finish.This course will walk you through the process of creating a project as well as the various user interfaces. The user interface, project navigation suggestions, basic settings, 3D modeling, wall, door, and window creation, settings modeling, 2D documentation (floor plans, elevations, and sections), Custom title block creation, stylebook settings, and publication of drawing as a PDF.MethodologyThis course is designed with the beginner in mind. The parts are structured into step-by-step tutorials that are provided at a slow pace to make it easy to follow along and understand. Thanks to project files and PDF resources for reference, you'll be able to follow every step of the educator to successfully complete your project from start to finish.Below is a detailed breakdown of the lessons and parts of this course.Module 01In this Module, I will show you how to draw a floor plan in ArchiCAD 26 using easy-to-follow steps. Below is a breakdown of the lessons in this tutorial. LessonsOpening ArchiCAD 26 SoftwareCreating A New Project In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialHow to Save An ArchiCAD 26 Project TutorialBasic Settings- Working Units And Dimension Units In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialHow To Draw Grid Lines In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialHow To Draw External Walls In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialHow To Draw Internal Walls In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialModule 02In this module, I will show you how to draw a floor plan in ArchiCAD 26 using easy-to-follow steps. Below is a breakdown of the lessons in this tutorial. Lessons Insert Doors In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Insert Windows In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialInsert Furniture and Equipment In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Draw Columns In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialModule 03In this module, I will show you how to draw a floor plan in ArchiCAD 26 using easy-to-follow steps. Below is a breakdown of the lessons in this tutorial. Watch, Learn, Subscribe and Share.Draw A Roof In ArchiCAD 26 Floor Plan TutorialInsert Dimensions In ArchiCAD 26 Floor Plan TutorialDraw Timber Cladding In ArchiCAD 26 Floor Plan TutorialDraw An Elevation In ArchiCAD 26 Floor Plan TutorialModule 04In this module, I will show you how to draw a floor plan in ArchiCAD 26 using easy-to-follow steps. Below is a breakdown of the lessons in this tutorial. Opening Elevations and Editing Elevations In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Inserting Objects In An Elevation In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialOpening Section and Settings In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Drawing Foundation In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialLabeling Parts Of A Section In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialModule 05In this module, I will show you how to draw a floor plan in ArchiCAD 26 using easy-to-follow steps. Below is a breakdown of the lessons in this tutorial. Create Master Layout In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Placing Views or Elevations On Layouts In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Create a New Layout In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Opening An Elevation In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Saving and Placing an Elevation In master layout in ArchiCAD 26 TutorialPublishing Layouts or Drawings Into PDF In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialCreating A New Publisher Set In ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial Publisher Set Property settings InArchiCAD 26TutorialPublishing Drawings Into PDF In ArchiCAD 26 TutorialThank you for watching.

    Section 1: ArchiCAD 26 Tutorial - How To Draw A Floor Plan

    Lecture 1 Module 01

    Lecture 2 Module 02

    Lecture 3 Module 03

    Lecture 4 Module 04

    Lecture 5 Module 05

    Beginners ArchiCAD 26



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    Outlook 2019 3-Course Bundle (Intro, Adv, & Email Etiquette)

    Outlook 2019 3-Course Bundle (Intro, Adv, & Email Etiquette)
    Last updated 11/2019
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 5.77 GB | Duration: 6h 24m

    Learn and use beginner/advanced features of Microsoft Outlook 2019 as well as gain knowledge on email etiquette

    What you'll learn
    Email basics - creating, sending and replying to messages.
    Work with attachments.
    Manage Calendar, tasks and Notes.
    Use folders, views, categories and other organizational features.
    Modify and manage message track and delivery options.
    Learn voting options, contact options and calendar options.
    Review how to back up Outlook data.
    Review import and export features.
    Advanced sharing options, advanced graphic options and junk mail options.

    Basic computer skills and understanding of basic email concepts.
    Outlook 2019 Beginner Course or equivalent experience and knowledge.

    Save 20% by purchasing this 3-course bundle; which teaches you all you need to know about Microsoft Outlook 2019. An email etiquette course designed to help with formatting and editing email messages is also included in this great bundle!This bundle includes: Microsoft Outlook 2019 BeginnerMicrosoft Outlook 2019 AdvancedBusiness Skills: Email EtiquetteEmail is in an important tool in today's business world. With its prevalence, it is imperative this tool is used professionally and properly.In the beginner course of Microsoft Outlook 2019; students will learn the basics of Microsoft Outlook 2019 and help them gain familiarity with the Outlook environment and basic functionality. Students will learn the basics of email, how to use the Help feature, how to create and send messages, and how to work with attachments. Students will also learn organizational techniques through the use of folders, views, categories, flags, and searching. Additionally, students will review printing options, automatic replies, contact creation and management, calendar use and management, task and note creation and management, message options, and email signatures.In the advanced course of Microsoft Outlook 2019; students will expand upon their existing knowledge and learn and use advanced features of Microsoft Outlook 2019. Students will modify and manage message options, track and delivery options, voting options, contact options, calendar options, and other advanced Outlook features. Students will also review rules and automation, cleanup commands, sharing options, advanced graphic options, junk mail options, import and export features, and how to back up their Outlook data.In the email etiquette course within this bundle; students will understand best practices for setting up and composing email, and responding to messages, formatting messages, proofing messages and offers tips to minimize common mistakes like missing attachments, wrong addressing and more.


    Section 1: Outlook 2019 Beginner

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Lecture 2 What is Outlook?

    Lecture 3 Basics of Email Etiquette

    Lecture 4 Opening Outlook

    Lecture 5 Identifying Outlook Components

    Lecture 6 Exploring the Outlook Interface

    Lecture 7 Opening Messages

    Lecture 8 Using Read Aloud

    Lecture 9 Creating a Basic Email

    Lecture 10 Formatting an Email Message

    Lecture 11 Mentioning in Outlook

    Lecture 12 Responding to Emails

    Lecture 13 Marking Importance and Sensitivity

    Lecture 14 Working with Attachments

    Lecture 15 Attaching Contacts and Messages

    Lecture 16 Proofing Emails

    Lecture 17 Understanding Outlook Folders

    Lecture 18 Organizing with Folders

    Lecture 19 Creating and Editing Favorites

    Lecture 20 Utilizing Focused Inbox

    Lecture 21 Adjusting Reading Options

    Lecture 22 Using Conversation View

    Lecture 23 Filtering and Sorting Messages

    Lecture 24 Organizing Emails with Color Categories

    Lecture 25 Using Follow Up Flags

    Lecture 26 Searching for Messages

    Lecture 27 Printing Messages

    Lecture 28 Deleting and Recovering Messages

    Lecture 29 Using Automatic Replies

    Lecture 30 Creating and Editing Contacts

    Lecture 31 Adjusting Contact Views

    Lecture 32 Creating and Working with Contact Groups

    Lecture 33 Adding Contacts from Meetings and Messages

    Lecture 34 Categorizing, Filtering, and Searching Contacts

    Lecture 35 Exploring the Calendar

    Lecture 36 Creating and Editing Appointments

    Lecture 37 Using the Scheduling Assistant

    Lecture 38 Managing Meeting Responses

    Lecture 39 Changing and Adding Time Zones

    Lecture 40 Creating Calendar Groups

    Lecture 41 Creating and Updating Tasks

    Lecture 42 Assigning Tasks

    Lecture 43 Working with Notes

    Lecture 44 Replying to Messages with Features

    Lecture 45 Recalling and Resending Messages

    Lecture 46 Creating and Using Email Signatures

    Lecture 47 Automating with Quick Steps

    Lecture 48 Course Recap

    Section 2: Outlook 2019 Advanced

    Lecture 49 Introduction

    Lecture 50 Modifying View Settings

    Lecture 51 Modifying Mail Options

    Lecture 52 Using Tracking and Delivery Options

    Lecture 53 Using Voting Options

    Lecture 54 Modifying Contact Options

    Lecture 55 Using the Weather Bar

    Lecture 56 Creating Email Templates

    Lecture 57 Automating with Quick Parts

    Lecture 58 Creating and Managing Rules

    Lecture 59 Modifying Desktop Alerts

    Lecture 60 Advanced Search Options

    Lecture 61 Sharing Calendars

    Lecture 62 Printing and Saving a Calendar

    Lecture 63 Sharing Contacts and Groups

    Lecture 64 Sharing Mail Folders

    Lecture 65 Inserting Tables

    Lecture 66 Inserting SmartArt

    Lecture 67 Working with Pictures and Screenshots

    Lecture 68 Inserting Hyperlinks

    Lecture 69 Inserting Symbols and Lines

    Lecture 70 Cleaning Up the Mailbox

    Lecture 71 Working with Conversation Cleanup

    Lecture 72 Backing Up Data

    Lecture 73 Importing and Exporting Contacts

    Lecture 74 Configuring Junk Mail Options

    Lecture 75 Course Recap

    Section 3: Business Skills: Email Etiquette

    Lecture 76 Introduction

    Lecture 77 Setting Up an Email

    Lecture 78 Composing an Email

    Lecture 79 Writing Style

    Lecture 80 Formatting an Email

    Lecture 81 Proofing an Email

    Lecture 82 Replying

    Lecture 83 Forwarding

    Lecture 84 Course Recap

    Students wishing to expand upon their existing knowledge of Microsoft 2019.



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