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    Top Javascript and PHP Programming Bundle

    Top Javascript And Php Programming Bundle
    Last updated 11/2021 MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 5.49 GB | Duration: 7h 53m

    Learn Javascript and PHP The Fast and Easy Way!

    What you'll learn
    Javascript From Beginner To Advanced
    PHP From Beginner To Advanced
    How To Pick a Coding Text Editor
    Variables, Numbers, and Math
    Conditional If/Else & Comparisons
    While and For Loops
    Arrays, Objects, and Functions
    How To Build FizzBuzz
    How to Create Math Flashcards
    Much More...

    No programming skills or special tools are necessary to take this course
    You just need a computer with Internet access, a Web Browser, and a Free Text Editor

    Welcome to my Javascript and PHP Programming Bundle! This is a bundle of two of my popular courses; "Javascript Programming For Everyone" and "PHP Programming for Web Development".In this bundle we'll learn the Javascript and PHP programming languages from an absolute Beginner level all the way to Advanced in no time at all!
    This course is aimed at the absolute beginner, you don't need any coding experience at all!
    We'll start out by setting downloading and installing the Sublime Text Editor - for free. That's the only tool you'll need to start writing and running Javascript code.
    Then, we'll dive into very basic computer science concepts. Things like
    Printing to the ScreenVariablesNumbers and Simple MathComparison OperatorsAssignment Operators
    After that, we'll move into more intermediate topics like
    Conditional If/Else StatementsWhile LoopsFor LoopsFizzbuzz
    Finally we'll finish up with more advanced topics like
    After that we'll learn web development things like
    Pop UpsWeb FormsAnd More...
    Towards the end of the course we'll put everything we've learned together and build a fun little math flashcard web app. You'll be surprised at how quick and easy this will actually be!
    We'll learn those things for Javascript in the first half of the course, then learn them with PHP in the second half of the course. Learning these same concepts for two different programming languages will REALLY cement it into your brain!Javascript and PHP are two of the greatest programming languages to learn, and learning has never been this easy!
    I'll see you on the inside!
    -John Elder
    Section 1: Javascript Programming
    Lecture 1 Development Tools
    Lecture 2 First Things First: How To Get Support Fast!
    Lecture 3 Where Does Javascript Go On A Webpage?
    Lecture 4 Output Javascript To The Screen
    Lecture 5 Statements And Whitespace
    Lecture 6 Variables
    Lecture 7 Math and Numbers
    Lecture 8 Assignment Operators
    Lecture 9 Comparison Operators
    Lecture 10 Conditional Statements
    Lecture 11 Logic Operators
    Lecture 12 For Loops
    Lecture 13 While Loops
    Lecture 14 FizzBuzz!!
    Lecture 15 Arrays
    Lecture 16 Multidimensional Arrays
    Lecture 17 Objects
    Lecture 18 Functions
    Lecture 19 Prompt Boxes
    Lecture 20 Random Numbers
    Lecture 21 Web Forms
    Lecture 22 Math Flashcards - Generate Random Numbers
    Lecture 23 Math Flashcards - Check For Numbers
    Lecture 24 Math Flashcards - Check For Correct Answers
    Lecture 25 Math Flashcards - Reset Button
    Lecture 26 Math Flashcards - Conclusion
    Section 2: Intro To PHP For Web Development
    Lecture 27 Introduction
    Lecture 28 Install XAMPP
    Lecture 29 Install Sublime Text Editor
    Lecture 30 PHP Structure and Syntax
    Lecture 31 Variables
    Lecture 32 Math Operators
    Lecture 33 String Concantenation
    Lecture 34 Comparison Operators
    Lecture 35 Escape Characters
    Lecture 36 If Else Statements
    Lecture 37 Elseif Statements
    Lecture 38 Numeric Arrays
    Lecture 39 Associative Arrays
    Lecture 40 Array Count
    Lecture 41 While Loops
    Lecture 42 For Loops
    Lecture 43 Foreach Loops
    Lecture 44 Functions
    Lecture 45 Random Function
    Lecture 46 Date Function
    Lecture 47 String Manipulation Functions
    Lecture 48 Include Function
    Lecture 49 Templating Out A Website
    Lecture 50 Template Practice and Jumbotron
    Lecture 51 Install Git Bash Terminal
    Lecture 52 Generate an SSH Key
    Lecture 53 Initialize Git
    Lecture 54 Setup
    Lecture 55 Install the Heroku Toolbelt
    Lecture 56 Push Code To Heroku
    Lecture 57 Heroku Domain Names
    Lecture 58 Conclusion
    Section 3: Old PHP Programming Videos
    Lecture 59 Old Video Explanation
    Lecture 60 Installing XMPP
    Lecture 61 C9 Cloud Development Environment
    Lecture 62 Version Control With Git
    Lecture 63 Web Hosting With Heroku
    Lecture 64 PHP Basic Structure
    Lecture 65 Variables
    Lecture 66 Math Operators
    Lecture 67 Comparison Operators
    Lecture 68 Escape Characters
    Lecture 69 Basic If Statements
    Lecture 70 If / Elseif Statements
    Lecture 71 Arrays
    Lecture 72 Loops
    Lecture 73 Functions
    Lecture 74 Random Function
    Lecture 75 Date Function
    Lecture 76 String Manipulation
    Lecture 77 Include Function
    Lecture 78 Templating Out A Website
    Lecture 79 Final Templating
    Lecture 80 Bonus Lecture
    This course is aimed towards absolute beginners who want to learn the Javascript & PHP programming Languages



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    Learn Python by making games

    Learn Python by making games
    Published 07/2022
    Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 9.01 GB | Duration: 138 lectures • 26h 43m

    What you'll learn
    You will learn how to use Python effectively
    You will create a portfolio of python games
    You will learn how to manage large project well
    You will learn object-oriented programming
    You will learn and implement advanced Python features
    You will develop a thorough understanding of Python

    Access to some kind of computer

    Learn the world's most popular programming language by making games!
    This course includes an incredibly comprehensive, yet easy to follow, introduction to Python and uses that knowledge to create 4 sophisticated games. By the time you finish these projects you will have a strong understanding of Python and of coding in general. You will also have amazing projects for your portfolio.
    The course contains over 130 videos and includes a huge amount of exercises so you can practice while you code along. You can also find the code for every video attach in the course. The course will start completely from scratch and I will begin by installing Python on Windows or MacOS; or you can use an online code editor. If you are in doubt, the entire first 11 hours are freely available both here on Udemy and on YouTube.
    This course is going to cover every topic of Python, for example
    All of the datatypes (integers, strings, floats, booleans, lists, tuples, dictionaries etc)
    You will learn classes and object-oriented programming
    Inheritance, both simple and complex will be covered in detail
    You will learn how to control the flow of the code using if, while, for and match
    You will learn about functions and how to pass information around
    There are many sections on scope to keep your code organized
    Decorators will be covered in depth
    File handling will be used
    Python is one of the most desirable features on the job market and can get you into well-paying and interesting jobs. It is also a very easy to learn language that you can use as a starting point in your coding career. I am looking forward to seeing you in the course!
    Who this course is for
    Everyone interested in programming



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    BASH Scripting Using Cryptocurrency APIs

    Bash Scripting Using Cryptocurrency Apis
    Published 7/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 5.58 GB | Duration: 11h 45m

    Learn how to use BASH through example by creating practical and usable scripts with cryptocurrency APIs.

    What you'll learn
    Learn about BASH scripting using practical examples
    Create scripts using cryptocurrency APIs
    Create a foundation for future BASH scripting
    Have knowledge of BASH, Linux, and cryptocurrency by end of the course

    No prerequisites for taking this course but all levels will benefit

    This course is designed for all levels from the beginner student interested in learning how to create scripts and code in the terminal using BASH to the advanced student who wants to add more BASH skills to their tool belt. In this unique course, you will learn many BASH scripts that are reusable and applicable to various functions that involve pulling information from cryptocurrency APIs. This course applies a unique method of learning through practical and usable examples which will provide reusable code for future scripts and projects. By completing this course, you will advance your efficiency with BASH; become skilled using Linux (Ubuntu) and virtual machines; and even gain some knowledge as a cryptocurrency investor along the way. Some examples include learning to code colored cryptocurrency running tickers and cryptocurrency price projection scripts. These practical and exciting examples will supercharge your learning process in an enjoyable and efficient way. This course is compatible with every Operating System (Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux). This course was crafted by an instructor who is a Certified Linux System Administrator, a Web 2 and Web 3 Developer, and a cryptocurrency consultant with over ten years of experience in BASH. Created with the student in mind, jump right in to coding rewarding scripts and enjoy learning by creating!
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 About Me and My Motivation For Creating This Course
    Section 2: FOR MAC USERS
    Lecture 2 VirtualBox or MacOS Terminal
    Lecture 3 Installing Homebrew and jq
    Section 3: VirtualBox Tutorial
    Lecture 4 Installing Ubuntu On VirtualBox
    Lecture 5 Enabling VirtualBox Clipboard Part 1
    Lecture 6 Enabling VirtualBox Clipboard Part 2
    Lecture 7 Enable USB On VIrtualBox
    Lecture 8 VirtualBox Workflow Overview
    Section 4: Intro to API Requests Using Coinbase API
    Lecture 9 Get BTC Price Using curl
    Lecture 10 API URL for Variable Tickers
    Lecture 11 Intro to jq
    Section 5: BASH Script Basics
    Lecture 12 First BASH Script
    Lecture 13 First Parameter
    Lecture 14 Multiple Prices with For In Loop
    Section 6: Price Grab Script
    Lecture 15 Add Ticker Name
    Lecture 16 Uppercase to Lowercase with tr
    Lecture 17 If Then Whitespace Logic with wc Part 1
    Lecture 18 If Then Whitespace Logic with wc Part 2
    Section 7: Running Crypto Price Ticker Script
    Lecture 19 Run Ticker with Nested Loop
    Lecture 20 Add User Inputted Sleep Time
    Lecture 21 Variables For Coloring Ticker
    Lecture 22 Organizing Script with Comments
    Lecture 23 Declare First Function
    Lecture 24 Color Price
    Lecture 25 Explanation of Script Code
    Lecture 26 Finishing Touches
    Lecture 27 Declare Command Scope
    Section 8: Coin Gecko API
    Lecture 28 API Intro
    Lecture 29 coins/markets jq
    Lecture 30 More Advanced jq
    Section 9: Terminal-Based Coin Gecko Script
    Lecture 31 Outputting Top Crypto Names
    Lecture 32 Add Rank and Price Data
    Lecture 33 Add Market Cap to Row
    Lecture 34 Beginning Large Number Logic
    Lecture 35 Suffix Number Script
    Lecture 36 printf Rounding
    Lecture 37 Large Number Logic
    Lecture 38 Finish Suffix Number Script
    Lecture 39 Add Suffix Number Logic to tcmc
    Lecture 40 Finish Terminal-Based Coin Gecko Script
    Lecture 41 tcmc and Suffix Number Review
    Lecture 42 MAC USERS Running tcmc2 on Mac Fix
    Section 10: Price Predictor Script
    Lecture 43 Overview
    Lecture 44 Ticker Data as JSON Variable
    Lecture 45 Testing Predicted Price Logic
    Lecture 46 Rounding Predicted Price
    Lecture 47 Styling Predicted Price
    Lecture 48 Column Output and Finalizing Script
    Section 11: Projected Total Market Cap Price Predictor Script
    Lecture 49 Get Total Market Cap and Suffix Number
    Lecture 50 Predicted Total Market Cap Input Checking
    Lecture 51 Expanded Input Checking
    Lecture 52 Predicted Total Market Cap Calc Function Part 1
    Lecture 53 Predicted Total Market Cap Calc Function Part 2
    Lecture 54 Add Offset to Loop For Predicted Calculations
    Lecture 55 Debugging
    Lecture 56 Completing Script Logic
    Lecture 57 Extra SHIB or Exponential Price Logic
    Lecture 58 Logic for Exponential Tickers or SHIB
    Lecture 59 Clean Up Test echo Statements
    Lecture 60 Debugging and Header Styling
    Lecture 61 Finalizing Output Logic
    Lecture 62 Finializing Script
    Lecture 63 MAC USERS Run Script on Mac Fix
    Section 12: Price History Script
    Lecture 64 Price History Script
    Section 13: Portfolio Tracker
    Lecture 65 Part 1
    Lecture 66 Part 2
    Lecture 67 Part 3
    Lecture 68 Part 4
    Section 14: Portfolio Tracker Using Block Explorers
    Lecture 69 Column Headers and First Block Explorer
    Lecture 70 Get BTC Data and Format
    Lecture 71 Output Formatting
    Lecture 72 Add ETH to Portfolio
    Lecture 73 Add ALGO to Portfolio
    Lecture 74 Encrypt Script
    Lecture 75 Run Encrypted Script
    Lecture 76 MAC USERS Run Encrypted Script on Mac Fix
    People with interest in BASH, Linux and cryptocurrency



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