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    The Complete Pega Developer course by Pega Portal - Rakesh

    The Complete Pega Developer course by Pega Portal - Rakesh
    Published 08/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 187 lectures (41h 30m) | Size: 19.9 GB

    Pega Developer - Pega 8.6 - System Architect (CSA) / Senior System Architect (CSSA)

    What you'll learn
    All the basics of Pega
    Includes 42 sections, 183+ Videos
    Complete implementation/practical based knowledge
    Advanced topics like Integration, background processing jobs, etc
    Tips and tricks to implemement your functionality
    There are no prerequisites to join this course. But if you know something about the web development, database or APIs, that will be helpful.
    The motto of this course is to provide the best training to you. There are many online courses available and for that, you will need to spend around 100 to 300 US Dollars. At some places, the amount is even more. And Even after spending this much of amount, you will not get the proper training. Unlike the online courses, this course is not only affordable, but it will provide you all the knowledge which is required for a Senior Pega Developer. And as, it is on Udemy, you can watch and complete this course at your convenience.
    In this course, we will go through all the topics of the Pega right from the beginning like Downloading the Pega software, first-time login, application creation, and till creating the package and deploying it. This course will also include advanced topics like Integration and Background Processing as well. The course content has been designed with the topics from CSA and CSSA courses.
    This course is totally practical-based. The intention is to provide the complete practical knowledge so that anyone can immediately start working on any Pega Development project after completing this course.
    Not only this, it will help you to clear your concepts which will help you to clear the CSA and CSSA certifications.
    I have designed and updated this course based on my experience and the feedback I have received so far.
    Who this course is for
    Production Support Analysts
    Developers working on the other technologies
    Junior Pega Developers
    Business Architects


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    MasterClass - Judd Apatow Teaches Comedy

    MasterClass - Judd Apatow Teaches Comedy
    MP4 | Video: AVC 1280 x 720 | Audio: AAC 48 Khz 2ch | Duration: 06:34:19 | 7.38 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

    No joke: at age 15, Judd Apatow took a dishwashing job at a comedy club to watch the acts. Today, he's the comedic genius behind hits including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Bridesmaids, and Freaks and Geeks. In his first-ever online comedy class, the Emmy Award winner teaches you how to create hilarious storylines, write great stand-up, and direct movies that leave audiences laughing.

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    Dreamweaver Essentials

    Dreamweaver Essentials
    Last updated 12/2020
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 7.35 GB | Duration: 10h 33m

    Get the most out of Dreamweaver and web design!

    What you'll learn
    By the end of this course, you'll be able to use Dreamweaver confidently.

    Basic computer skills

    Dreamweaver-The go-to web design tool for creative professionals. Expert video trainer, artist, and designer Geoff Blake introduces you to the world of Dreamweaver and web design in this monster 10-plus hour training course, packed with tricks, techniques, and hands-on tasks-made specially to be an easy, non-jargonny approach for Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4 users. Master key concepts and explore the array of possibilities, particularly in the world of Cascading Style Sheets with Geoff Blake as your guide. You'll not only learn the secrets and master the techniques, but you're sure to have a whole lot of fun along the way!
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Hello and Welcome
    Lecture 2 Ten Ton Dreamweaver Essentials Project Files
    Section 2: Web Design Fundamentals
    Lecture 3 HTML Fundamentals
    Lecture 4 CSS Fundamentals
    Lecture 5 Three Challenges In Web Design, Pt 1
    Lecture 6 Three Challenges In Web Design, Pt 2
    Lecture 7 Dreamweaver's Role In Web Design
    Section 3: Working in the Dreamweaver Interface
    Lecture 8 Getting Started in Dreamweaver
    Lecture 9 The Dreamweaver CS3 Interface
    Lecture 10 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface
    Lecture 11 Customizing Dreamweaver's Interface
    Lecture 12 Using Dreamweaver's History Panel
    Lecture 13 Working with the Snippets Panel
    Lecture 14 Exploring Other Panels
    Lecture 15 Fast Selecting with the Tag Selector
    Lecture 16 Saving Dreamweaver Workspaces
    Lecture 17 Viewing Code in Dreamweaver
    Lecture 18 Understanding Code Visually
    Section 4: Managing Websites in Dreamweaver
    Lecture 19 Defining A New Site
    Lecture 20 Managing Multiple Sites
    Lecture 21 Arranging File Structure
    Lecture 22 Setting Up Index Files
    Lecture 23 Uploading Files
    Lecture 24 Using the Assets Panel
    Lecture 25 Task #1: Define Your Own Site in Dreamweaver
    Section 5: Adding Text and Page Structure
    Lecture 26 Sample File Layout Tour & Free Resources
    Lecture 27 Inserting Structural Headings
    Lecture 28 Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists and Sublists
    Lecture 29 Inserting Special Characters
    Lecture 30 Horizontal Rules & Property Inspector Limitations
    Lecture 31 Previewing in Web Browsers, Adding Browsers, Online Browser Resources
    Section 6: Getting Started with CSS
    Lecture 32 Creating & Applying a Basic Style in Dreamweaver CS3
    Lecture 33 Creating & Applying a Basic Style in Dreamweaver CS4
    Lecture 34 Two Methods For Applying Styles & Understanding the Background Code
    Lecture 35 Editing Styles Using the CSS Styles Panel
    Lecture 36 Introducing the CSS Rule Definition Dialog Box
    Section 7: Going Further with CSS
    Lecture 37 The Three Fundamental CSS Rule Types
    Lecture 38 About The Two Types Of Style Sheets
    Lecture 39 Creating CSS Class Rules
    Lecture 40 Adding A Border And Padding To A Class
    Lecture 41 The Cranial Stuff: The CSS Box Model And How Widths Are Measured In CSS
    Lecture 42 Using The Box Model To Create A Class Sidebar
    Lecture 43 Controlling HTML With CSS.With Redefined HTML Tags
    Lecture 44 Work Even Faster By Duplicating Styles
    Lecture 45 Redefining The Page Text
    Lecture 46 Redefining Bulleted Or Numbered Lists
    Lecture 47 Creating Styles In Dreamweaver CS4
    Lecture 48 Task #2: Think You're So Big? Try Creating This CSS Rule!
    Lecture 49 Technique #1: Simple Typography Control With CSS!
    Lecture 50 Technique #2: Alright, Now For Advanced CSS Typography!
    Section 8: Managing Internal and External Style Sheets
    Lecture 51 Moving Internal Styles to an External Style Sheet
    Lecture 52 Disconnecting and Reconnecting an External Style Sheet
    Lecture 53 Editing Rules within an External Style Sheet
    Lecture 54 Editing Style Sheets Without Dreamweaver
    Lecture 55 Moving Styles Between Style Sheets
    Lecture 56 Working Faster with External Style Sheets
    Lecture 57 External Style Sheets with Dreamweaver CS4
    Section 9: Working With Tables
    Lecture 58 Table Basics in Dreamweaver
    Lecture 59 Inserting Content and Table Oddities
    Lecture 60 Selecting Table Components
    Lecture 61 Traditional Table Formatting
    Lecture 62 Using CSS to Control Table Formatting
    Section 10: Inserting Images
    Lecture 63 Understanding Graphics in Web Design
    Lecture 64 Inserting & Formatting Images
    Lecture 65 Controlling Images with CSS
    Lecture 66 Dreamweaver's Image Editing Commands
    Lecture 67 Editing Images Outside of Dreamweaver
    Lecture 68 Setting Background Images
    Lecture 69 Using Smart Objects with Dreamweaver CS4
    Lecture 70 Technique #3: Using Images for Typography
    Lecture 71 Technique #4: From Illustrator to Photoshop to Dreamweaver
    Lecture 72 Technique #5: Soft-Edged Transparency with PNGs
    Section 11: Creating Hyperlinks
    Lecture 73 Creating Links From Text & Images
    Lecture 74 Linking to Other Websites
    Lecture 75 Linking to an Email Address
    Lecture 76 Linking to PDFs & Other Files
    Lecture 77 Linking to A Specific Location on a Page
    Lecture 78 Creating Image Maps
    Lecture 79 Hyperlink Formatting with CSS
    Lecture 80 Technique #6: Creating Rollover Buttons with CSS
    Lecture 81 Technique #7: Site Rollout: From a Single-Page to a Multi-Page Website
    Lecture 82 Task#3 Design Your Page Layout
    Section 12: Traditional Page Layout with Tables
    Lecture 83 Setting Up a Basic Layout Structure
    Lecture 84 Refining the Layout with Nested Tables
    Lecture 85 Inserting the Layout's Images & Text
    Lecture 86 Further Layout Refinement
    Section 13: Modern Page Layout with Divs
    Lecture 87 Getting Started with Divs
    Lecture 88 Creating the Basic Layout Blocks
    Lecture 89 Nesting Divs Within Other Divs
    Lecture 90 Refining the Layout with Additional Div's
    Lecture 91 Task #4: Create the Remaining Div's
    Lecture 92 Task #4 Bailout
    Lecture 93 Inserting the Layout's Images & Text
    Lecture 94 Applying a Frame to the Layout
    Lecture 95 Further Layout Adjustments
    Lecture 96 Technique #8: Centering A Div-Based Layout
    Section 14: Diggin' Into Interactivity And Multimedia!
    Lecture 97 Creating Rollover Buttons And Effects
    Lecture 98 Introducing Spry Widgets
    Lecture 99 Inserting Flash Content
    Lecture 100 Adding In Audio And Video
    Lecture 101 Throwin' In Flash Video
    Section 15: Wrappin' Up Ten Ton Dreamweaver
    Lecture 102 Final Site Management Techniques
    Lecture 103 Goodbye, And Where To Go From Here
    Section 16: Bonus Material
    Lecture 104 Bonus Lecture
    New users or those upgrading from an older version


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    Make Your English Better Advanced Lessons

    Make Your English Better Advanced Lessons
    Published 08/2022
    Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 10.0 GB | Duration: 48 lectures • 12h 14m

    What you'll learn
    Goal #1: We aim to build overall knowledge of the English language.
    Goal #2: We aim to integrate professional conversation with everyday conversation.
    Goal #3: We aim to build confidence through video learning, material learning, improved listening skills and outside the box thinking.
    Goal #4: We aim to help you provide another benefit for yourself so that you can attract better opportunities.

    Advanced level of English or a high Intermediate level equivilent to a B-2 level.

    Make Your English Better is a company that aims to improve your knowledge and use of English through convenient video learning. Each level is molded around American English but through the eyes of an American living in Brazil for more than 12 years. The lessons are applicable to life in every aspect and help you to be able to function on and off the job. This is not a new concept, but it is a new angle, and these lessons and videos can help you to retain what they have worked so hard to learn and take you even further in your knowledge of the English language. The lessons will help you to build your English skills in a way that improves your ability to face challenges, present your ideas, compose an intelligent text and digest what you hear and read in English. The lessons are presented at a faster pace to make the situation more realistic and the texts are more complex. These lessons do more than just teach English, they help improve the person learning from them. Your company has the opportunity to expand and English is a principal tool for that to occur in this connected world. Make Your English Better would like to offer you our solution for your need to improve your ability to maintain, improve and prosper in your English language skills.
    Who this course is for
    These lessons will help you to build your English skills in a way that improves your ability to face challenges, present your ideas, compose an intelligent text and digest what you hear and read in English. The lessons are presented at a faster pace to make the situation more realistic and the texts are more complex.


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    Unity Asset Store: Run An Art Business With Maya & Zbrush

    Unity Asset Store: Run An Art Business With Maya & Zbrush
    Last updated 11/2015
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 5.34 GB | Duration: 8h 37m

    An step-by-step guide on turning your doodles into 3D models and selling them in the Unity Asset Store - Part 2

    What you'll learn
    Make Money Using the Top Programs in the Video Game Industry!
    Model, Animate and Submit Your Creations for Sale to Millions of Developers!
    Build High Quality 3D Models For Your Own Projects.
    Create Consistent Monthly Cash Flow from Your Work!
    Learn How to Make Low Polygon Mobile Friendly 3D Models

    Download Free Versions of Maya, zBrush, Photoshop, and Unity 3D

    Welcome to Part 2 of our training! (It is not necessary to do Part 1) This course is for any
    artist who is looking to thrive by sharing their doodles, sketches,
    characters & designs with one of the largest growing game
    development communities in the world. Get access to millions of paying
    developers and essentially your potential clients who need game assets
    from talented artists like yourself. Help others create the projects of
    their dreams by providing them with your best dream creations. Your
    imagination is the limit.
    What You Will Learn:
    How to take your doodles and sketches and turn them into Monthly RevenueHow to look at your art and be able to break it down into simple 3D shapesLearn specific modeling techniques used for game development and designLearn Step by Step process on how to build 3D geometry from your sketchesHow to unwrap your 3D models and draw textures using zBrush 4R7 and PhotoshopHow to bring your characters to life in the leading animation packageHow to export your 3D animated model and set it up inside a game engineHow to take your creations and submit them for sale using required tools
    I will show you a step by step
    process that I use to create and submit 3D assets to the Unity Asset
    Store. I spent the last 15 years learning all the necessary tools &
    techniques and will now teach you how you can do the same with this easy
    to follow online course.
    As you go
    through the course I suggest breaking it down into sections or 4 days. Spend 2 days on modeling, 1 on animation and 1 in Unity. You are of course
    welcome to also just squeeze the whole thing in one weekend which will
    quickly send you on your own way to selling your own assets. We all
    learn differently so find your own comfortable speed ... and Lets Begin!
    Lecture 1 Welcome
    Section 1: Modeling and Texturing
    Lecture 2 Analyzing Character Design
    Lecture 3 Modeling Space Gun in Maya (Part 1)
    Lecture 4 Modeling Space Gun in Maya (Part 2)
    Lecture 5 Modeling Space Gun in Maya (Part 3)
    Lecture 6 Modeling Space Gun in Maya (Part 4)
    Lecture 7 Begin Modeling Helmet in Maya
    Lecture 8 zBrush (Part 1) Getting Started
    Lecture 9 zBrush (Part 2) Creating the Head
    Lecture 10 zBrush (Part 3) Creating Antennas
    Lecture 11 zBrush (Part 4) Creating Arms
    Lecture 12 zBrush (Part 5) Creating Legs
    Lecture 13 zBrush (Part 6) Adding More Detail
    Lecture 14 zBrush (Part 7) Creating Helmet
    Lecture 15 zBrush (Part 8) Finishing Helmet and adding the strap
    Lecture 16 zBrush (Part 9) zRemesher
    Lecture 17 zBrush (Part 10) Polypaint
    Lecture 18 zBrush (Part 11) Helmet and Strap
    Lecture 19 zBrush (Part 12) Helmet Final
    Lecture 20 zBrush (Part 13) Shoes Final
    Lecture 21 zBrush (Part 14) Body Final
    Lecture 22 zBrush (Part 15) Merge Subtools
    Lecture 23 zBrush (Part 16) Creating UV map
    Lecture 24 zBrush to Maya 2016 using goZ
    Lecture 25 Maya Combine Two Scenes
    Lecture 26 Maya UV Plasma Gun (Part 1)
    Lecture 27 Maya UV Plasma Gun (Part 2)
    Lecture 28 Maya Creating Eyes and Cartoon Tooth
    Lecture 29 Maya and Photoshop (Part 1) Plasma Ball Texture
    Lecture 30 Maya and Photoshop (Part 2) Weapon Texture
    Lecture 31 Maya and Photoshop Adding EXTRA Detail
    Section 2: Rigging in Maya
    Lecture 32 Maya Rigging (Part 1)
    Lecture 33 Maya Rigging (Part 2)
    Lecture 34 Maya Rigging (Part 3)
    Lecture 35 Maya Rigging (Part 4)
    Section 3: Animation in Maya
    Lecture 36 Maya Animation (Part 1) Breathing
    Lecture 37 Maya Animation (Part 2) Shooting
    Lecture 38 Maya Animation (Part 3) Walk Cycle
    Lecture 39 Maya Animation (Part 4) Jumping
    Section 4: Unity 3D
    Lecture 40 Unity 3D (Part 1) Importing Our Character from Maya
    Lecture 41 Unity 3D (Part 2) Adding Buttons
    Lecture 42 Unity 3D (Part 3) Fixing Final Issues
    Lecture 43 Unity 3D Asset Store Submission (Part 1)
    Lecture 44 Unity 3D Asset Store Submission (Part 2)
    Section 5: Quiz
    Section 6: BONUS ++
    Lecture 45 zBrush: Another Way to Add a Reference Image using Spotlight
    Lecture 46 zBrush: Fun with Booleans, Subtraction and Intersection
    Lecture 47 Setting Up Humanoid Mecanim (Unity 5)
    This course is for anyone who loves character design and animation.,No prior knowledge of Maya, zBrush or Unity 3D is needed.,Anyone who is looking to create assets for video game design and development.


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    The Essential Biodynamics: Partner With Earth & Universe

    The Essential Biodynamics: Partner With Earth & Universe
    Last updated 3/2021
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 6.76 GB | Duration: 5h 27m

    GROW a Robust Farm, Benefit Your Health & Environment- SimPLy Apply Cosmos' Energetic Interactions with Planet Earth

    What you'll learn
    WHAT IS BIODYNAMICS, How To Apply The Beautiful, Surprising Simplicity of Universal Energetics, to Human, Farm and Biological Life
    HOW EVERY HUMAN, Regardless of Education, Philosophy, or Cultural Background, Can Easily Embrace Biodynamics Principles
    LEARN the Cosmic Rhythms, This Reliable, Repeating Dance between Moon, Earth, Sun and Outer Cosmos
    HOW to Use a BD Calendar to Quickly Chart your Farming & Human Life Activities- Comprehensive Data From the Indian BioDynamics Association
    WHAT ARE the Basic Four Elements, HOW These Observed & Repeating Rhythms Subtly Affect Earth & Life Energetically
    HOW Our Latest SCIENCE- Unified Science or Unified Field Theory- Accurately, Verifiably, Wholistically Describes and Predicts BioDynamic Interactions
    WHAT IS Energy, REALLY- HOW Energetics Manifests All of Creation in Our WHOLISTIC Universe, As Verified By Unified Field Theory
    History ancient and new- How Key Persons and Events are Evolving the Human Race toward a Purposeful Comprehension of Who We Are, in This Wholistic, Energetic Universe

    No Experience Required! only an open mind, and a willingness to be part of the Great Solution to an evolved human presence on Planet Earth

    ALLOW THE UNIVERSE TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.It's SimPL.A Deep-Dive Into Universe- as Deep as YOU Want Your Understanding To Be. HAVING SAID THAT, You can Easily get FUNCTIONAL in a Big Hurry, if you so Choose!WELCOME! To Course ONE, in the SimPLife Farming Triad of Universe-Friendly, Earth-Responsive Organic Farming & Living.WHAT IS BIODYNAMICS, How To Apply The Beautiful, Surprising Simplicity of Universal Energetics, to Human, Farm and Biological LifeHOW EVERY HUMAN, Regardless of Education, Philosophy, or Cultural Background, Can Easily Embrace Biodynamics PrinciplesLEARN the Cosmic Rhythms, This Reliable, Repeating Dance between Moon, Earth, Sun and Outer CosmosHOW to Use a BD Calendar to Quickly Chart your Farming & Human Life Activities- Comprehensive Data From the Indian BioDynamics AssociationWHAT ARE the Basic Four Elements, HOW These Observed & Repeating Rhythms Subtly Affect Earth & Life EnergeticallyHOW Our Latest SCIENCE- Unified Science or Unified Field Theory- Accurately, Verifiably, Wholistically Describes and Predicts BioDynamic InteractionsWHAT IS Energy, REALLY- HOW Energetics Manifests All of Creation in Our WHOLISTIC Universe, As Verified By Unified Field TheoryHistory ancient and new- How Key Persons and Events are Evolving the Human Race toward a Purposeful Comprehension of Who We Are, in This Wholistic, Energetic UniverseThe Cosmos or enveloping Universe, is in fact the energetic driver for ALL events which occur on Planet Earth. Dynamics creates and maintains physical Matter, Biology sculpts the Life Vehicle, Entanglement connects ALL. MANY DISMISS the Cosmos as just a nice nighttime light show with no practical use........WELL. for example, - How about following Her Rhythms, to Achieve the most vital & alive Produce from your Nature-Compatible Farm or Garden? - How about learning about the latest, verified and proven Unified Science, to See For Yourself the true Structure of the entire Universe- the Enveloping Vacuum, Physical Matter- and getting how BioDynamics describes those Simpl Interactions upon Planet Earth?Paying Attention: Studying, Accepting, and finally utilizing Universal Rhythms- outlined here in exhaustive detail- is to court Synergy with the Universe, to join the Energetic Cosmic Dance.BioDynamically-managed Farms & Gardens are among the most robust on the planet, though we still lack the tech to quantify what that means- to the long-term physical health & longevity emerging from a beneficial partnership with ethereal/energetic Source EnergyTHIS SAME simpl easy-to-learn approach applies directly to all living systems- such as Humans, You and I. -----------------------------------------A Note For Organic Farmers:THIS COURSE is intended to be taken BEFORE the farming courses, in a logical triad of Cosmos Education, Earth-Care, and Strategic Organic Food Production.1. The Essential BioDynamics provides The Why- vital details on supportive Cosmic rhythms, delivering the unique potency for 2. Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening which provides The How- a basic foundation of Earth prep and BioDynamic-Organic Food Production, and 3. Living Farm! provides The What- strategizing farm efforts, and suggests practical Options to improve long-term Economics and Community Acceptance for You, The Bio-Organic Farmer. ---------------------------------------IN This Course, You Will Learn HOW-To Use a BD calendar, and quickly chart your activitiesTo See which events and energies are prevalent on any given day, and understand the effect that has on planetary LifeThe moon, sun, earth, planets, and stars actually move or dance together to create real and on-going, physical and energetic changes upon the earthYou can apply daily cosmic events to indicate probabilities, as guiding tendencies to assist decisions in your everyday lifeThe four basic elements each affect our behaviors and our farming effortsIn 1924, the poor chemical state of German farming resurrected cosmic phenomena as modern science and coined the term biodynamicsThe roles of Rudolph Steiner and his 1924 agricultural course, later developed and verified by Maria Thun, still later refined by Peter ProctorThe breakthrough truths in Universal Dynamics, now organized into Unified Physics, as discovered and proofed by Nassim Haramein and associatesWhat Charles Darwin missed, in his now-infamous 1831 jaunt around the world on the HMS BeagleBig agro-business interests benefit from monopolizing worldwide food production, and discouraging nature-based farmingBD, despite the proven benefits, is not embraced scientifically or socially worldwide---------------------------------------Recent UPDATES LOG:7 May 2020- A new lecture and Unified Science course invitation- Nassim Haramein: Wholism & Unified Science created, featuring today's foremost Physicist and the largest science breakthrough of our time.19 May 2020- THREE new lectures- Darwin's Error, a miniseries onhuman evolution, or the lack of it. 5 Aug 2020- A new SECTION, Universe Comes First - An Energetic Foundation,also new course Intro, also new lecture, The Earth in Tow,all integrating Unified Science in a major Energetic Makeover, i.e., updating for the latest info on the Energetic Universe.16 Mar 2021- A new SECTION- Precession- The Daddy Rhythm, 6 lectures plus quiz.These latest additions raise our overall total to 53 LECTURES plus Quizzes,over 5 hours course length, and the day aint over yet.......-------------------------------------------- WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: ~testimonials from Course engagers~"This is an enlightening course on the probability theories of Biodynamics every person must know if they stand a chance to survive and flourish.We all must do our part to maintain health not just for ourselves but for our communities. Healthy, fertile soil is the basis for this, and I look forward to the years ahead implementing what I have learned in this course on Biodynamics from IM. Thank you, and on behalf of my tiny Italian garden it thanks you the most!" - Nancy D."I found this course very interesting. I had never heard of this method of farming/cultivation before. There was lots of great information but also it seems like it would be simple to put into practice. I will definitely be integrating this method into my personal garden." - Franklin F. --------------------------------------------------In actual fact, the relatively new science or body of observed phenomena that we now know as biodynamics is rooted in the most ancient of our sciences, and to this day carried out in India and other earth-based enclaves worldwideOur first cosmic diviners became "scientists" by routinely observing the night sky and were the humans who first noticed how certain cosmic movements and events brought changes onto the earth with her soil, growing plants, and with humans themselves. This course comes to you from:The ancient Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh, also fromSouth Korea, alsoNepal, the Fabled Shangri-La, alsoSaipan, Northern Marianas, as well as fromMacau, ChinaNot for info-tourists, you will be fairly tested for knowing the basic effects of Cosmos upon living beings...Energy practitioners, career farmers, backyard hobbyists, community leaders, urban or rural- or just folks wanting a bit of simpl sensibility- will find this informative, creatively useful & essential! VITAL: At any time, if something does not make sense to you, or you have a particular situation to ask about- USE this course as an info-forum! ASK ANY and EVERY QUESTION in course discussions, so others may benefit, in addition to yourself. have fun with this!-im
    Section 1: Harness the Beating Heart of the Universe!
    Lecture 1 BD Welcome, Intro Brief
    Lecture 2 What Is BioDynamics?
    Section 2: Universe Comes First - An Energetic Foundation
    Lecture 3 Energy and Universe
    Lecture 4 Our Origin Times
    Lecture 5 Entanglement- Quantum and Systemic
    Lecture 6 Classical Cosmos - The Five-Sensory Universe
    Lecture 7 BD Course Sources, Calendars, and Links
    Section 3: The Divine Cosmic Dance: Explaining the Rhythms
    Lecture 8 The BD Primer
    Lecture 9 BD Resource Library and Cosmic Avenues of Fascination
    Lecture 10 Cosmic MoonDance: The First Four Rhythms
    Lecture 11 Cosmic MoonDance: Zodiac & New/Full Moon Rhythms
    Lecture 12 A Hemispheric Perspective: Ascending/Descending Moon Rhythm
    Lecture 13 The Earth in Tow
    Lecture 14 Four Elements Across Four Traditions chart
    Lecture 15 The Life Conspiracy
    Section 4: From Science to Practice: The BD Calendar
    Lecture 16 Explaining the BD Calendar
    Lecture 17 Daily Use of the BD Calendar
    Lecture 18 Working the Rhythms: BD Strategy
    Lecture 19 BD Rhythm Collisions
    Lecture 20 Gregorian Calendar, Pagans & BD
    Section 5: Precession: The Daddy Rhythm
    Lecture 21 One: A Little Wobble Goes a Long Way
    Lecture 22 Pre-Too: Constellations at Vernal Equinox
    Lecture 23 Pre-Three: Great Year, Yugas, Ages of Human
    Lecture 24 Pre-Four: Cultural Imprints
    Lecture 25 Pre-Five: The Pole Star
    Lecture 26 Summary: Is Precession The Driver For ALL LIFE?
    Section 6: The Human Factor
    Lecture 27 Rudolph Steiner & Just Everything
    Lecture 28 Steiner, Holism & The Akashic
    Lecture 29 Steiner, BD & The Nazis
    Lecture 30 Maria Thun
    Lecture 31 Peter Proctor
    Lecture 32 Darwin's Error- The Juvenile 1850s
    Lecture 33 Darwin's Error- Cooperation & Interdepencency
    Lecture 34 Darwin's Error- On Evolutionary Maturity
    Lecture 35 Nassim Haramein- Wholism & Unified Science
    Lecture 36 Nassim Haramein- Unified 2
    Lecture 37 Your Life, Your Choice: Why Bother With BioDynamics
    Lecture 38 This Human World: Chems in the Political Realm & Moon Over Zodiac
    Section 7: The Four Basic Elements
    Lecture 39 Earth & Air
    Lecture 40 Fire & Water
    Lecture 41 4 Element Makeovers- SuperFood Balancing
    Lecture 42 4 Element Makeovers- Colour Balancing
    Lecture 43 4 Element Makeovers- Engage! With Purpose
    Lecture 44 4 Element Makeovers: Serving Others
    Section 8: BioDynamics in Practice: LADAKH, the Likir Farm
    Lecture 45 Executive Decision Time
    Lecture 46 Executive Answering
    Lecture 47 Executive Answering: Other Aspects
    Section 9: BioDynamics in Practice: NEPAL, the Fabled Shangri-La
    Lecture 48 Build A Farm Planting Cell
    Lecture 49 Plant ROOT Crops BioDynamically
    Lecture 50 Moon Opposite Saturn Planting & Strategy
    Lecture 51 Nepal BD Plantings- One Month Results
    Section 10: BioDynamics in Practice: KOREA, The Urban Farmette
    Lecture 52 The Big Urban Quiz
    Lecture 53 Big Urban Answers
    Anyone who has ever felt a kindred relationship with the Universe, Cosmic entities, and can embrace Energetics as something real and beneficial,Anyone who has the courage to apply energetic concepts to their Life and to Environment, such as in farming and daily Life


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    TTC - La Peste Negra: La Plaga M?s Devastadora del Mundo

    TTC - La Peste Negra: La Plaga M?s Devastadora del Mundo
    Released 08/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: Spanish | Duration: 24 Lessons (12h 13m) | Size: 10.5 GB

    This course is the Spanish translation of our course 8241, "The Black Death: The World's Most Devastating Plague."

    A finales de la d?cada de 1340, una catastr?fica plaga sacudi? la Europa medieval hasta sus cimientos. La enfermedad bacteriana que conocemos como la peste negra se extendi? hacia el oeste del continente, dejando un rastro de destrucci?n desde Crimea y Constantinopla hasta Italia, Francia, Espa?a y, finalmente, la mayor parte de Europa, incluyendo a Inglaterra e Islandia. En estos lugares, la peste mat? hasta al 50% de la poblaci?n en menos de 10 a?os, es decir, a la escalofriante cifra de 75 millones de personas.
    Muchos de nosotros conocemos la peste negra como un acontecimiento catastr?fico del mundo medieval. Pero hay tres elementos vitales de la historia que suelen pasar desapercibidos
    La peste negra fue posiblemente el acontecimiento m?s importante de la historia de Occidente, ya que afect? profundamente todos los aspectos de la vida humana, desde aspectos econ?micos y sociales hasta pol?ticos, religiosos y culturales.
    A su paso, la peste dej? un mundo totalmente cambiado. Alter? para siempre la estructura tradicional de las sociedades europeas y forz? un replanteamiento de cada uno de los sistemas de la civilizaci?n occidental: la producci?n y el comercio de alimentos, la Iglesia, las instituciones pol?ticas, el derecho, el arte y mucho m?s.
    En gran medida, debido a la profundidad de los cambios que provoc?, la peste negra cre? el mundo moderno en el que vivimos hoy.
    Aunque la historia de la peste negra es una historia de destrucci?n y p?rdida, su impresionante alcance y sus efectos la convierten en uno de los episodios m?s interesantes y enigm?ticos de la historia de la humanidad. Comprender el impresionante desarrollo de la peste y sus consecuencias proporciona una visi?n muy reveladora no s?lo del mundo medieval, sino tambi?n de las fuerzas que originaron el Renacimiento, la Reforma protestante y la propia modernidad.
    En La peste negra: la plaga m?s devastadora del mundo, la c?lebre medievalista Dorsey Armstrong, de la Universidad de Purdue, aborda en profundidad este momento hist?rico que cambi? el mundo. All?, Dorsey te acompa?ar? en una inolvidable traves?a por la ?poca de la peste, donde descubrir?s todas sus repercusiones sociales y los efectos transformadores que tuvo sobre la civilizaci?n europea.
    Una cat?strofe sin precedentes en la historia de la humanidad
    A lo largo de 24 apasionantes conferencias, podr?s examinar toda la trayectoria de la epidemia a trav?s de la Europa medieval. Analizar?s las causas epidemiol?gicas de esta cat?strofe; el p?nico social que gener?; su influencia en la religi?n, la sociedad, la pol?tica, la econom?a y el arte; y las consecuencias a largo plazo para un continente que, menos de dos siglos despu?s, dispondr?a de la tecnolog?a y los medios para explorar un nuevo mundo.
    En el proceso, aprender?s sobre estos notables y caracter?sticos efectos de la peste negra
    Al revelar la corrupci?n y las deficiencias de la Iglesia ante la desesperada necesidad de la gente, la peste sembr? las semillas de la Reforma.
    La plaga revolucion? el sistema de clases en Europa, cambiando permanentemente el equilibrio de poder entre los trabajadores y los propietarios, los campesinos y los nobles.
    La epidemia transform? las oportunidades sociales de las clases trabajadoras y mercantiles: los campesinos pod?an convertirse en cl?rigos, los siervos pod?an convertirse en arrendatarios, los mercaderes pod?an casarse con la nobleza y las mujeres pod?an acceder a oficios y profesiones.
    Lo m?s sorprendente de todo es que los que sobrevivieron a la peste eran a menudo m?s ricos que antes y ten?an acceso a m?s oportunidades.
    Estos cambios alteraron por completo las estructuras de poder social, econ?mico y religioso que hab?an estado vigentes durante siglos, creando un gran caos a su paso, pero tambi?n, un espacio para que surgieran nuevas ideas e instituciones.
    Una historia ?pica de p?rdidas y metamorfosis
    Al medir el vasto impacto social de la peste negra, explorar?s temas como
    Las causas m?dicas y los fundamentos de la peste. Investiga la epidemiolog?a de la Yersinia pestis, la bacteria de la peste. Estudia las tres principales variedades de peste, c?mo se transmiti? la enfermedad y c?mo otros factores patol?gicos pueden haber contribuido a la monumental devastaci?n causada por la peste negra.
    El paso de la epidemia por la Europa medieval. Descubre c?mo viaj? la peste por las rutas comerciales mar?timas y terrestres, y s? testigo de las historias individuales y del dramatismo que provoc? su llegada a comunidades como Florencia, Avi??n, Walsham y Par?s.
    El impacto de la peste negra en la religi?n y la fe. Descubre c?mo la Iglesia parec?a impotente para proporcionar cualquier alivio ante la plaga, lo cual erosion? su prestigio, su autoridad moral y su poder temporal. Observa c?mo las expresiones directas de devoci?n religiosa por parte de la gente com?n, como la peregrinaci?n, la flagelaci?n y la veneraci?n de los santos, aumentaron dr?sticamente en respuesta a los estragos de la peste.
    La peste y las econom?as europeas. Analiza c?mo la enorme p?rdida de mano de obra condujo a un movimiento social, aument? en gran medida las oportunidades econ?micas para los trabajadores y los comerciantes, y aceler? el ascenso de la clase mercantil hasta competir con el poder econ?mico de la nobleza.
    Repercusiones pol?ticas de la peste negra. Comprende c?mo el panorama pol?tico de muchos lugares cambi? dr?sticamente, ya que los nobles se vieron sometidos a una nueva presi?n econ?mica. El orden tradicional de los que luchan (los nobles), los que rezan (el clero) y los que trabajan (todos los dem?s) se vio anulado por el nuevo poder del trabajo y el comercio, y los intentos de los nobles por mantener su estatus anterior desencadenaron disturbios y revueltas.
    El legado hist?rico de la epidemia. Comprende c?mo los acontecimientos relacionados con la peste negra moldearon el futuro de Occidente, ya que dejaron tras de s? un mundo en el que los siervos pod?an comprar su libertad y en el que, por primera vez, los dirigentes y los gobiernos deb?an responder ante todos los niveles de la sociedad.
    Las sorprendentes dimensiones sociales de la peste
    En un acto magistral de narraci?n hist?rica, la profesora Armstrong expone el desarrollo de la peste como una saga infinitamente sorprendente y apasionante, iluminando la historia con v?vidos mapas, obras de arte y manuscritos, as? como con fascinantes relatos contempor?neos de escritores como Boccaccio y Petrarca. En el transcurso de la narraci?n, te encontrar?s con un gran espectro de conmovedoras reacciones humanas ante la epidemia, desde familias aterrorizadas que abandonan a sus hijos enfermos y cl?rigos que se alejan de los moribundos, hasta asombrosos actos individuales de abnegaci?n y sacrificio en favor tanto de seres queridos como de extra?os.
    Ser?s testigo de muchas respuestas psicosociales, entre ellas el movimiento de los Flagelantes, cuyos miembros se torturaban p?blicamente para aplacar la ira de Dios; la poblaci?n de una ciudad francesa que cre?a que la alegr?a desenfrenada mantendr?a a la plaga alejada; y una serie de comportamientos extremos, desde la indulgencia hedonista y los bailes enloquecidos, hasta el tr?gico castigo de las comunidades jud?as. En una visi?n fascinante de la mentalidad medieval, explorar?s las teor?as del siglo XIV sobre la peste, desde las construcciones teol?gicas, hasta las explicaciones de sus or?genes basadas en las conjunciones astrol?gicas, el "aire contaminado" y los terremotos. Tambi?n encontrar?s, en los tratados m?dicos, la singular figura de los m?dicos de la peste, vestidos con un sombrero de ala ancha, un abrigo largo y una m?scara con forma de pico y llena de hierbas arom?ticas.
    La profesora Armstrong detalla c?mo la peste trajo consigo nuevas formas de arte visual, como las extraordinarias pinturas de la danza macabra y El triunfo de la muerte. En la inusual situaci?n econ?mica de la ?poca, las obras de arte con tem?tica de la peste fueron encargadas no s?lo por la nobleza, sino tambi?n por panaderos, jardineros y herreros. Y descubrir?s c?mo, en medio de la devastaci?n, la peste inspir? algunas de las mayores obras maestras de la literatura que el mundo ha visto, como las obras de Boccaccio, William Langland y Geoffrey Chaucer.
    La peste negra: la plaga m?s devastadora del mundo ofrece un majestuoso contenido y una extraordinaria cantidad de detalles, a trav?s de los cuales viajar?s al coraz?n de uno de los momentos m?s cr?ticos y decisivos de la historia de Occidente, cuyos efectos han dado lugar a la creaci?n del mundo moderno.
    What Will You Learn?
    Investigar los conocimientos m?dicos de la peste
    Sigue c?mo la peste viaj? por mar a trav?s del Mediterr?neo, invadi? las ciudades portuarias y luego se irradi? hacia el interior
    Descubra c?mo el n?mero de muertos por la peste alter? dr?sticamente el equilibrio de poder entre los trabajadores y la administraci?n
    Explore el movimiento flagelante, cuyos adherentes se torturaron p?blicamente para expiar los pecados del mundo
    Sea testigo de c?mo numerosas funciones gubernamentales colapsaron dram?ticamente durante la plaga
    Considere c?mo las enfermedades y las pandemias han dado forma a las sociedades humanas y al comportamiento individual a lo largo de la historia


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    Create Your 3D MOBA Game for Mobile Using Godot

    Create Your 3D MOBA Game for Mobile Using Godot
    Published 08/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 50 lectures (18h 9m) | Size: 8.8 GB

    Learn the Basics of 3D Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game Development Targeting Mobile Devices using Godot Engine

    What you'll learn
    Write a 100% server authoritative game using Godot
    Learn optimization techniques for 60fps performance on Mobile devices
    Build advanced movement and combat mechanics across a network
    Create a Lobby/Room based system for matchmaking (4-8 players)
    Learn anti-cheating methods and mechanisms
    Get familiar with advanced network lag compensation methods (Reconciliation, interpolation, clock synchronization)
    Import and manipulate 3D models and animations from Mixamo to Blender to Godot
    Build manageable server/client code base that can scale
    Learn how to use particle systems to create special effects
    Familiarity with the basics of Godot engine and having some experience with it would help
    This course will help you start your next 3D MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) Game using Godot Engine and making sure it works on mobile devices!
    The course is carefully divided into 10 sections that contain videos relevant to each section.
    You will learn the basics of importing 3D characters from Mixamo to Godot and how to setup a flexible animation Tree for your character. Then we will build the 3D environment by importing 3D assets into Godot and learning how to manipulate them, then we move into optimizing the assets for mobile devices using Lightmap baking in Godot, and we will go through implementing multi resolution and multi touch input features. You will also learn how to use the particle system in Godot to create special effects.
    Next I will walk you through creating a Lobby/Room system for your Game. We will then address advanced game networking concepts such as entity interpolation, clock sync, reconciliation, etc.. and learn how to utilize them in your next Game through movement and combat.
    More planned videos are coming soon: we will discuss how to authenticate players entering your Game and how to build and store user data.
    By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of the concepts behind multiplayer networked games and on how to start creating your next 3D MOBA for mobile using Godot!
    Who this course is for
    This course is for game developers wishing to make their next multiplayer online game


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    The Gut Healing Series

    The Gut Healing Series
    Last updated 8/2018
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 15.68 GB | Duration: 12h 18m

    The quest for optimal gut health with world leading experts.

    What you'll learn
    You'll walk away with a much deeper understanding of the human microbiome. You'll know how it works, why it is important and its relationship to your health!

    You can enjoy The Gut Healing Series at any level!

    16 leading experts present groundbreaking information on the gut and microbiome.Hear the leading edge information that mainstream media can't cover! Science and medicine as we know is going through one of the biggest transformations of all time thanks to the research on the microbiome!In The Gut Healing Series, in HD high quality video interviews, we distil microbiome research into an actionable, comprehensive message for you to improve your health and wellbeing today!The Gut Healing Series Will- Empower individuals, regardless of previous knowledge of nutrition, to make informed gut-health decisions.- Dispel common myths surrounding gut health on both sides of the table (complimentary & conventional medicine).- Cover integrated, holistic approaches to common gut health ailments including digestive diseases, autoimmune conditions & more.- Provide viewers with a common message on how they can live a life which supports the health of their gut and microbiome.
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Kale Brock, Gut Health Writer
    Section 2: Interviews With The Experts - The Gut Healing Summit
    Lecture 2 Dr. Cliff Hawkins - Biochemist - Enzymes For Gut Health
    Lecture 3 Helen Padarin, ND - Children's Gut Health
    Lecture 4 Dr. Margie Smith - Molecular Geneticist - Microbiome Analysis
    Lecture 5 Steph Lowe - Nutritionist - The Gut & Athletic Performance
    Lecture 6 Mike Mutzel, Bsc - High Fat Diets & The Gut
    Lecture 7 Pete Evans - chef & whole foods expert - Gut Healing Foods
    Lecture 8 Cyndi O'Meara - Nutritionist - The Gluten Connection
    Lecture 9 Kasey Willson, Naturopath & Nutritionist - Safe Contraception
    Lecture 10 Dr. Damian Kristof - Nutritionist & Naturopath - Fad Diets & The Gut
    Lecture 11 Lee Holmes - Nutritionist - Healing with whole foods
    Lecture 12 Jo Whitton - GAPS diet for deep healing
    Lecture 13 Dr. Nat Kringoudis - TCM Practitioner - Chinese Medicine & The Gut
    Lecture 14 Dr. Andrea Huddleston - Women's Health & Fertility Specialist - Women's Guts
    Lecture 15 Kirsty Wirth - Cultured Foods Expert - Cultured Foods For The Gut
    Lecture 16 Jad Patrick - Naturopathic Counsellor - The Gut Brain Connection
    Lecture 17 John Ellerman - Microbiologist - Super Synbiotic Strains; it's all in the strain
    Section 3: Practical Gut Health
    Lecture 18 Kick Candida For Good w' Dr. Andrea
    Lecture 19 Organic Food & The Importance of The Garden w' The Healthy Patch
    Lecture 20 Gut Physiology w' Dr. Damian Kristof
    Lecture 21 Kimchi 101 - A Fermented Food Recipe w' Kale Brock
    Lecture 22 Fermented Kefir Coconut Yoghurt - Kirsty Wirth
    Lecture 23 Hormone Balancing Green Smoothie - Kasey Willson, ND
    Lecture 24 Sauerkraut - A Fermented Food Recipe
    If you're interested or curious about human health, especially the gut microbiome, this series is for you!


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    Archive Password: "Name of the Old Continent" [First Letter Capital]

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    Alan Sharpe's B2B Content Writing Masterclass with Coaching

    Alan Sharpe's B2B Content Writing Masterclass with Coaching
    Published 08/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 81 lectures (8h 43m) | Size: 9.4 GB

    Learn to write 2022's top content-writing assignments. Teaching & feedback from 30-year veteran content writer & coach.

    What you'll learn
    Learn how to write the most-common B2B content-writing assignments that you will be asked to write as a content writer.
    Learn how to craft content that attracts readers, educates buyers, and engages customers.
    Learn dozens of examples of real-world content-writing assignments.
    Look over my shoulder as I write blog posts, video scripts, social media posts and more.
    Learn what today's B2B buyers want, what works with this unique audience, and how to craft content that generates results.
    Students must already be fluent in written English.
    Students must understand common marketing terms, like prospect, SEO, lead generation and landing page.
    If you want to master the art of content writing, you should take this course-for six reasons.
    Number one. This isn't a course. It's a masterclass. This isn't one of those courses that some guy put together in his basement in a morning. This is a masterclass, taught by a master content writer. It features more than 10 hours of content, all designed to make you a better, more-effective content writer.
    Number two. This masterclass is practical. Enough with the theory, already. You aren't here to learn concepts and principles. You are here to learn how to craft content that attracts readers, educates buyers, and engages customers. You are here for practical tactics, tips, and tricks. This masterclass delivers. I show you dozens of examples of real-world content-writing assignments. You look over my shoulder as I write blog posts, video scripts, social media posts and more.
    Number three. You aren't taking this masterclass for the good of your health. You want to master skills that make you more valuable as a content writer. That's why I teach you how to write only the top assignments. Go only, research the most common, the most popular, the most effective types of content around today, and you'll discover that these are the only types of content that I teach you to write. I'm talking blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, video scripts, eBooks, social media posts, and more.
    The fourth reason you should take this masterclass is me, if I may say so. I'm Alan Sharpe, B2B content writer and copywriter. I wrote my first piece of content way back in 1988, before the internet, and before content marketing, were even a thing. In the last three decades I have transitioned from offline to online, from print to digital, and from copy to content. Today, I spend my days crafting B2B content for global brands. I know what they want, what works with today's B2B buyers, and how to craft content that generates results. I teach you all that I know in this masterclass.
    Number five. Let's talk about the boredom factor of plenty of online courses. You know the ones I mean. All you get is slide after slide of a PowerPoint presentation, narrated by some disembodied voice, an instructor who talks in a monotone, and does nothing more than read the slides on your screen word for word, or rambles on and on with no clear lesson plan. Deadly! Enough with death by PowerPoint! In this masterclass, you get me, live and in person, talking with you, looking you in the eye, teaching you, encouraging you, communicating with you, and giving you examples of everything I teach.
    Number six, and your final reason, coaching. This masterclass includes coaching, free of charge. I give you multiple content-writing assignments to complete, then I give you my constructive feedback. I read your assignments, I tell you what works, I tell you what doesn't. I tell you what you must do to improve your content-writing skills. This coaching alone is worth the price of admission. I mark roughly 20 assignments a day. That's 140 assignments a week, 600 a month, more than 7,000 a year. That's how popular I am as a content-writing coach. If you need coaching, this content-writing masterclass is for you.
    OK, that's six solid reasons for taking this content-writing masterclass right now. If you need a few more, be my guest. Read the detailed class description below. Read the reviews from my many satisfied students. Watch the many free lesson previews. Then enroll now.
    Who this course is for
    B2B content writers who need to master the top most-common content writing assignments.
    B2B copywriters who occasionally (or often) have to write content instead of copy.


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