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    Ugc Net Paper2 - Computer Science(Level 1)

    Ugc Net Paper2 - Computer Science(Level 1)
    Last updated 5/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 6.29 GB | Duration: 7h 33m

    This course will be helpful to clear your UGC NET/SET/JRF exam and also for all competitive exam.

    What you'll learn
    The students will learn the ugc net paper2 computerscience previous year solved questions.
    Fuzzy logic,Operation research PYQ solved.
    software engineering,Unix PYQ solved.
    Programming language PYQ solved.
    This will be helpful for all the students who are preparing for any interview or competitive exam.

    Basic computer science knowlege

    Hi NET/SET/JRT Aspirants, In this course you have an exclusive opportunity to rock your professor career in computer science and its application subject.. Years of Hard work and Combination of knowledge which taken from the various sources(wats app group, experts, you tube, websites and etc.) and put in one place to remove your barriers.We made a small research on those who are not able to clear this exam. In that we come to know that school toppers, class toppers, college toppers and highly intellect and experienced people are struggling to clear this exam because of the various family issues ,take caring kids, college we decided to create a course and place in a portal so that anyone can access and study anytime, anywhere, any place. The cost of studying the same course in institute is very high. we created and launched the course at most low cost. you can see the problem solved videos as many times as you want . This will give you a depth understanding of knowledge and make you confidence to face this exam. All the solved pdf is provided free of cost with this course. we are on a mission to help One million UGC NET/SET/JRF aspirants to achieve their dream of becoming a New World Professors! Hearty welcome to all ! Don't miss this golden opportunity!


    Section 1: Keep Unique Mindset to achieve success

    Lecture 1 Mindset

    Section 2: Be Balance always and start Learning.

    Lecture 2 Balance Mind

    Section 3: Programming Language

    Lecture 3 Programming Language - Part1

    Lecture 4 Programming Language - Part2

    Section 4: Operation Research

    Lecture 5 OR - Part1

    Section 5: Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network

    Lecture 6 Fuzzy part-1

    Section 6: Unix

    Lecture 7 Unix - Part 1

    Section 7: Software Engineering

    Lecture 8 Software Engineering - Part 1

    Lecture 9 Software Engineering -Part 2

    Section 8: Bonus Lectures

    Lecture 10 Best Websites for Paper2 , Energise your brain -Music list

    This course for UGC NET/SET/JRF Aspirants for the computer science department,and all students of computer science who are preparing for any competitive exam or interview.



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    Heart-Centered-Kids -Early Childhood Education & Empowerment

    Heart-Centered-Kids -Early Childhood Education & Empowerment
    Published 8/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 6.24 GB | Duration: 4h 58m

    Extra Merit Program, Play-Based Activities, Fun Children's Videos, Games, Songs, Awards, Teacher & Child Certificates.

    What you'll learn
    Engage in instructional videos for caregivers and also fun videos, along with hands on exercises and activities to empower children ages 2 to 7 years.
    Receive personal guidance with our 215 page Empowerment Resource Manual, packed with valuable information and120 extra curricular merit activities for children.
    Learn about our special helping characters, Our Ten Feathered Friends, where each character holds positive attributes that children can aspire to be like.
    Learn about our opposing characters, The Thought Pirates, and how they can create havoc within the minds of children and also, with many unsuspecting adults.
    Experience harmonious results by implementing the power of self-awareness, problem solving, choice, accountability, positive action, and natural feedback.
    Learn to support children in problem solving and shifting internal conflict through our fun and engaging children's videos and activities.
    Witness self confidence grow within the children you care about as they learn to feel empowered through practical, hands on exercises and activities.
    Dissolve difficult power struggles between adults and children and replace them with understanding, love, empathy and compassion.
    Learn how to communicate effectively with your child's level of understanding for positive results that support improved relationships and connection.
    Create deeper relationships with children as your guidance supports them in becoming the hero of their own life.
    Learn about your 6 C's to success as you apply them to this program & life: care, commitment, consistency, communication, cooperation, and connection.
    Continue to benefit from empowerment videos that will be added to this program on a regular basis.

    Basic computer skills to watch and download videos for parents and kids.
    Ability to download PDF files for extra activities.
    Ability to have FUN learning with children at their level.
    A heart that is invested in the health and wellbeing of children.

    START CHILDREN'S EMPOWERMENT RIGHT HERE! We believe that the greatest influencers for children ages birth to seven years begins with parents/caregivers of children. Our play-based empowerment program is for the use of parents, teachers, counselors, head start programs, preschools, hospitals, or any who care deeply about the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of children. We offer life long tools to support your child in developing a solid foundation of inner confidence and empowerment. Let's face it, life can be filled with unpredictable challenges, with external forces competing for children's undivided attention. Did you know that children under the ages of 7 years, develop their core belief systems during these early formative years and 85% of these foundational belief systems, both negative and positive, are carried into adulthood? Caring parents and child caregivers like you, want the best for children, however, it's not always easy to support them in confidently navigating their way through every day challenges like problem solving, choices, and personal accountability. Our unique empowerment program is designed to shift challenges that young children often face, into new opportunities for inner confidence and a flourishing self esteem. THE FOUNDATION OF OUR PROGRAM - YOUR PROGRAM GUIDESPrincess Starseed & Her Feathered Friend, Bloozey, support parents and caregivers of children in building strong bridges of empowerment through fun and engaging hands on activities and videos that will ignite every child's mind and heart.HOW OUR EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM WORKS IN UNIQUE & UNCONVENTIONAL WAYSEMPOWERMENT PROGRAM SECTION 1: The first videos in the program are an essential part of our program. They are designed to guide and empower the adult, so they can confidently implement the program into the lives of children. They set the stage for the foundational pieces of how the program works for you and the children you care about. EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM SECTION 2: This section is for both adult and child/children to watch together. After watching the fun videos, each will be followed by a variety of engaging activities/assignments to easily motivate children through the empowerment program designed especially for them. The goal is to support the child in becoming familiar with our Ten Feathered Friends, our Feathery Mascots that every child can aspire to be like. Other concepts will be shared as well. EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM SECTION 3: There are several bonus videos featured that you can watch with children, or that you can encourage children to watch independently. These videos focus on empowering children emotionally, mentally and socially. We will continue to add to these videos on a regular basis, building upon the benefits and structures of the program. In order to receive the full benefits from the program, we highly suggest completing sections 1 and 2 in this empowerment program prior to moving onto Section 3 Bonus Videos.OUR TEN FEATHERED FRIENDS - LEADING THE WAY TOWARD SELF LOVE & EMPOWERMENTOur Ten Feathered Friends, hold positive qualities that every child can aspire to be like. Our program features playful videos, engaging craft activities, and 120 extra merit activities along with reward systems set in place. In our merit system, every Feathered Friend has 12 activities for your child to complete successfully and confidently over time. Bloozey is HAPPYRooter is BRAVEJoey is THANKFULChewy is PLAYFULNibble is SMARTRufus is CURIOUSSkipper is HELPFULCrystal is POLITESunny is FRIENDLYLucy is KINDTHE THOUGHT PIRATESThe Thought Pirates, are fictitious characters that represent negative or limiting thought patterns that often aren't true. A thought pirate will leave your child feeling disempowered. Supporting your child in recognizing what Thought Pirate is invading their space, offers them the opportunity to call in a Feathered Friend to help them turn challenges into possibilities. Your child will learn to change negative mind chatter into healthy self talk, resulting in positive choices. How do you know when a Thought Pirate is lurking around?The Bitter Quitter . . . represents thoughts of quitting when things get challenging for your child.The Belly Acher . . . represents thoughts of quitting when things aren't going the way your child wants them to. The Nay Slayer . . . represents self defeating thoughts when your child struggles with low self esteem. The Squally Nagger . . . represents negative, nagging thoughts that are often repetitive.The Fear Smearer . . . represents any fear that children often have through unfamiliar experiences. Now that you've taken the time to read our outline, please take the time to watch the trailer! We've been waiting for you. Let's JUMP in with BOTH FEET and FLY HIGH with our Ten Feathered Friend's.


    Section 1: Instructional Videos For You, The Parent

    Lecture 1 Your Empowerment Manual & Course Instructions

    Lecture 2 The Power of Choice

    Lecture 3 Download Your Manual Here

    Lecture 4 Exploring Possibilities With Your Child

    Lecture 5 Exploring Belief Systems

    Lecture 6 An Introduction To Your Foundational Support

    Lecture 7 An Introduction to Opposing Forces

    Lecture 8 Being The Guide In Your Child's Movie

    Lecture 9 The Six "C's" To Success

    Lecture 10 Let's Start With Small Steps For Your Child

    Lecture 11 Your Inner Child And You

    Lecture 12 Fostering Choice Within Your Child

    Lecture 13 Your Empowerment Instructions

    Lecture 14 Our Feathered Friends - Dialogue Demo

    Section 2: Children's Empowerment Videos

    Lecture 15 Let's Meet Our Ten Feathered Friends

    Lecture 16 Surprise Bag Game With Bloozey

    Lecture 17 Let's Make Popsicle Stick Puppets!

    Lecture 18 Let's Move Our Bodies With Bloozey

    Lecture 19 Let's Play Hide & Seek With Bloozey

    Lecture 20 Let's Do A Finger Play With Bloozey

    Lecture 21 Meet The Thought Pirates

    Lecture 22 Bloozey Meets The Thought Pirates

    Lecture 23 Song: Let The Feelings In

    Section 3: Extra Videos: Sing! Learn! Play! Read!

    Lecture 24 Let's Read "Anything's Possible. Anything Goes."

    Lecture 25 Let's Sing! "Friends Are The Best."

    Lecture 26 Let's Play! "The Thankful Game."

    Lecture 27 Let's Learn! "We Are Connected."

    Lecture 28 Let's Play! "Imagination Creation Station."

    Lecture 29 Let's Sing! "Giggle Wiggle Snap!"

    Lecture 30 Let's Read! "I Love Myself Today."

    Lecture 31 Let's Play! "The Happy Sound."

    Lecture 32 Let's Learn! "Fun In Nature."

    Lecture 33 Let's Play! "You've Got The Beat."

    Lecture 34 Let's Play! Christmas Imagination

    Lecture 35 Let's Read "Alphabet Lunch"

    Lecture 36 Let's Learn! Let's Learn About Shapes In Space

    Lecture 37 Let's Sing! "I'm Thankful for You!"

    Lecture 38 Let's Play! "You're The Best At Being You."

    Lecture 39 Let's Learn! Join Bloozey & Color Your World

    Lecture 40 Let's Play "Your Friend in The Mirror

    Lecture 41 Let's Play! Bluey's Birthday Surprise

    Lecture 42 Let's Sing! "I Hear A Beat."

    Lecture 43 Let's Sing! "Can You Imagine Possibilities."

    Lecture 44 Let's Learn! Let's count With Bloozey!

    Lecture 45 Let's Play! Farm Animal Fun

    Lecture 46 Let's Learn! Jump into the Alphabet with Bloozey

    Parents of preschoolers or children 2-6 years,Teachers of preschoolers or kindergarten,Counselors needing extra tools to support their empowerment programs,Eager grandparents who love to role play and have fun,Anyone who loves kids or works with kids ages 2 to 6 years,Facilities such as hospitals, head start programs, preschools, or anyone involved with children



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    Coaching De Vie: Comment R?ussir Sa Vie Et Se R?aliser ?

    Coaching De Vie: Comment R?ussir Sa Vie Et Se R?aliser ?
    Last updated 11/2021
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: French | Size: 22.06 GB | Duration: 20h 12m

    Apprenez ? vous organiser pour que tout vous r?ussisse ? tout niveau.Transformez votre vie en r?ve et ce r?ve en r?alit?

    What you'll learn
    A d?finir ce qu'est le succ?s ?
    A d?finir un sens ? leur vie
    A d?finir leurs objectifs
    A ?tablir leur propre strat?gie pour atteindre leurs objectifs
    A ?tre structur? et organis? dans leur vie quotidienne en changeant leur ?tat d'esprit en mode ?orient? r?sultats?
    A obtenir un maximum d'outils op?rationnels pour ?tre plus efficace et plus performant dans la vie quotidienne
    A ?tre plus confiant et plus harmonieux dans leur vie
    A transformer leur vie en r?ve et ce r?ve en r?alit?

    Aucun pr?requis n'est n?cessaire, seule une discipline personnelle et une motivation profonde ? r?ussir sont requises
    Ce peut ?tre pour d?butant ou ceux qui veulent approfondir le sujet

    Pourquoi certaines personnes donnent l'impression que tout leur r?ussit alors que d'autres semblent ?tre de v?ritables chats noirs ? Est-ce d?e ? une notion de chance ? Le succ?s est d'abord une appr?ciation personnelle et deuxi?mement, il est le fruit d'une discipline et d'un ?tat d'esprit.Ce cours a ?t? con?u pour ceux qui pensent pouvoir s'am?liorer en adaptant certains ?l?ments de leur vie pour r?ussir et in fine ?tre heureux. En fait ils se sentent intimement capables de le faire, mais ils ignorent comment commencer et quelles techniques appliquer.L'objectif est de proposer un cadre, une structure solide avec un accompagnement permettant d'avoir une vue d'ensemble de la m?thodologie permettant d'identifier ce que vous aimez, en l'?quilibrant avec vos comp?tences puis en d?finissant des objectifs clairs. ? partir de l?, nous verrons comment faire concr?tement pour atteindre vos objectifs. Nous verrons de nombreux outils et ?tablirons une feuille de route solide pour v?rifier un ? un les jalons de votre parcours sur la voie de la r?ussite.Ce cours est riche de pr?s de 20 heures, avec une multitude d'exemples, de conseils, de t?moignages pour ?tre le plus accessible et appliquable dans votre vie quotidienne!Nous donnerons de nombreux exemples tir?s de l'exp?rience personnelle (41 ans d'?tude de la vie, 17 ans d'exp?rience en entrepreneuriat / commerce, 10 ans d'exp?rience en coaching / enseignement) agr?ment?e d'une synth?se des meilleures techniques de la plan?te en mati?re de coaching de vie.Ce cours peut ?tre utilis? quel que soit votre ?ge, vos ant?c?dents, les dimensions : personnelles ou professionnelles, car ces outils sont utilisables pour tout type d'application. Si vous les suivez correctement, je vous garantis que votre vie changera radicalement et irr?m?diablement ! Cons?quemment je vous invite ? regarder ces vid?os ? votre rythme afin de vous assurer d'int?grer et d'infuser toutes les connaissances et d'en appliquer toutes les techniques dans votre vie quotidienne. C'est la raison pour laquelle, je vous recommandoe vivement de regarder ces vid?os plusieurs fois.Ce cours est dispens? aux ?tudiants en MBA ou Master dans des ?coles de commerce prestigieuses et ? toutes sortes de conf?rences de coaching de vie. Cela signifie qu'il s'agit d'un large auditoire de profils dont l'objectif est de simplifier le processus pour le rendre accessible ? tous ceux qui ne seraient pas n?cessairement familiaris?s avec "le succ?s" en g?n?ral.NB: par ailleurs, je me permets de partager avec vous ma chaine YouTube, il suffit de taper "Aurelien Millot Le passe-partout de la clef des champs", en compl?ment, pour poursuivre cette aventure d'Eveil.En toute humilit?, celle-ci tente de soulever de nombreuses questions existentielles : le sens de la vie, le bonheur, le pouvoir de l'instant pr?sent, l'?picurisme, l'Au-del?, l'?nergie, l'espace-temps, la conscience, le multivers, la r?incarnation, la spiritualit? en g?n?ral, afin d'aider modestement ? donner des clefs pour que les gens s'ouvrent ? eux-m?mes, se trouvent eux-m?mes leur propre voix et se sentent davantage dans la compl?tude. Il s'agit l? comme toutes mes d?marches, d'essayer de constituer un ?lan de lucidit?, d'optimisme et de pragmatisme, en compl?ment, pour poursuivre cette aventure d'Eveil et de developpement personnel.En vous souhaitant la r?ussite que vous souhaitez ! Sinc?rement v?tre, Aur?lien Millot


    Section 1: Introduction-Lancement

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Lecture 2 Ouverture-syllabus

    Section 2: Partie-I-Diagnostique / Etat des lieux

    Lecture 3 Partie-I-Diagnostique / Etat des lieux

    Section 3: Partie-II-Aspiration

    Lecture 4 1-Vos centres d'int?r?t

    Lecture 5 2-Votre but dans la vie

    Lecture 6 3-"Le" sens de la Vie selon vous

    Lecture 7 4-La motivation // orientation professionnelle // M?thodologie recherche d'emplo

    Lecture 8 5-La coh?rence / du sens commun / Evaluer une IDEE

    Section 4: Partie-III-Strat?gie / M?thodologie

    Lecture 9 Partie-III-Strat?gie / M?thodologie

    Section 5: Partie-IV-Analyse des r?sultats

    Lecture 10 Partie-IV-Analyse des r?sultats

    Section 6: Partie-V-Les outils

    Lecture 11 Partie-5-Intro

    Lecture 12 1-Facteurs clefs de succ?s : 20 clefs

    Lecture 13 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 1-M?ditation pleine conscience

    Lecture 14 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 2-Respiration

    Lecture 15 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 2-Respiration-Exercices

    Lecture 16 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 2-Respiration-Exercice-Musique Hyperv.

    Lecture 17 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 3-Nutrition + Detox

    Lecture 18 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 4-Activit? physique

    Lecture 19 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 5-Sommeil

    Lecture 20 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 6-Reveil magique

    Lecture 21 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 7-?tre positif et optimiste

    Lecture 22 2-Outils-techniques-Les Routines-rituels: 8-La reconnexion ? la nature

    Lecture 23 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 1-La technique du chaos

    Lecture 24 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 2-Enfant int?rieur

    Lecture 25 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 2-Enfant int?rieur-Exercices

    Lecture 26 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 3-Re param?trage

    Lecture 27 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 3-Re param?trage-Exercices

    Lecture 28 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 4-Visualisation-cocr?ation

    Lecture 29 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 5-Cr?ativit?-Intuition

    Lecture 30 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 6-Confiance en soi

    Lecture 31 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 7-Empathie > communication

    Lecture 32 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 8-La synth?se

    Lecture 33 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 9-Approche holistique

    Lecture 34 2-Outils-techniques-Les moyens essentiels : 10-Booster votre cerveau

    Lecture 35 3-Conseils

    Lecture 36 4-Concepts

    Lecture 37 4-Concepts-Exercices sur le nettoyage pardon

    Section 7: Partie-VI-Pr?sentation personnelle

    Lecture 38 6-Pr?sentation personnelle

    Section 8: Partie-VII-Conclusion

    Lecture 39 Synth?se et feedback

    Section 9: Annexes pratiques

    Lecture 40 Introduction des 5 exercices

    Lecture 41 Comment r?ussir dans la vie-VUE D'ENSEMBLE

    Lecture 42 Horizon-planning strategique

    Lecture 43 Planning hebdomadaire

    Lecture 44 To DO list quotidienne

    Lecture 45 Challenges quotidiens

    Tout le monde, tous ceux, quel que soit le parcours ou le domaine, qui veulent r?ussir,Tout le monde, tous ceux, quel que soit leur environnement, qui sont convaincus qu'ils / elles peuvent r?ussir,Il peut s'agir d'?tudiants (?g?s de 20 ? 25 ans et plus, d'orientation universitaire standard ou sans bagage scolaire),Il peut s'agir de personnes quel que soit leur ?ge (17 ? 77 ans) qui souhaitent r?orienter leur carri?re et / ou leur vie de mani?re globale



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