ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials 2 v2.0 KONTAKT | 10 GB

Expand yourorchestral palette. Expand your scoring template with brand new selections from the ProjectSAM line-up, including the Symphobia Series. Redesigned for the Orchestral Essentials experience.

A follow-up tothe loved original
- Brand-new selection taken from the acclaimed ProjectSAM catalog
- Includes content from our acclaimed Symphobia Series
- Beautifully orchestrated full orchestra articulations
- New strings, brass and wind ensemble articulations
- 5 New legato instruments featuring real note-to-note transitions
- Full choir articulations
- New epic drum sounds and other percussion

Out of the box
All instruments have been re-designed to fit the Orchestral Essentials concept, providing out-of-the-box playability and a cinematic sound that is impossible to beat at this price point.

Multi madness
Orchestral Essentials 2 is a must-have addition for owners of the first volume, but is a powerful stand-alone volume too, especially for composers who already have their orchestral basics covered.

Fully updated
The new 2.0 version of Orchestral Essentials 2 offers a completely modernized library experience, with a new engine and design, all-in-one browser, reimagined Multis, improved legato engine, envelopes and filters - and Adaptive Sync.

Native Kontrol Standard
Navigate instruments, browse presets and control parameters directly from your Native Instruments hardware of choice.

Adaptive Sync
Quickly and effortlessly match sampled crescendos, rolls and risers to your project's tempo.

Mixed Orchestra
- Orchestra with Choir
- High Violins with Choir
- Low Bassoon with Piano and Harp
- Cartoon Staccato
- Strings with Winds Staccato
- Strings with Brass Swells
- Legato Cellos with Bassoon
- Texture Gracious
- Texture Dreamy

- String Ensemble Sordino
- Violins Spiccato and Fast Note Down
- Violins Flageolet
- Violas with Cellos Ponticello Tremolo
- String Ensemble Fast Crescendo
- String Ensemble Textures
- String Ensemble Effects

- Epic French Horns
- Horns with Trombones Octaves
- Tuba Long
- Tuba Staccato
- Legato Trumpet
- Brass Ensemble Effects

- Legato Flute
- Legato Oboe
- Legato B Clar with C Bassoon
- Flute with Piccolo Octaves
- Recorder
- Woodwind Ensemble Effects

- Big Drums & Cymbals
- Timpani Rolls
- Vibraphone
- Bowed Cymbals
- Bell tree

Keyboards & Harp
- Intimate Piano
- Box Organ
- Cimbalom Let Ring
- Cimbalom Short
- Prepared Piano
- Concert Harp Flageolet

- Full Choir Long Ooh
- Full Choir Swells Mmm
- Full Choir Textures

Dystopia Sound Design
- Various Sounds and Presets

- Orchestra Tuning & Concert Hall Silence

Additional information
- All Mixed Orchestra patches are actual recordings of the listed sections performing together in the concert hall. No post-recording layering was used
- All sounds are offered in 1 microphone set

Note: Works with the NI Kontakt Player v6.5.3 or higher!