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Thread: Urgent advice needed

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    Urgent advice needed

    Installed Manjaro but somehow didn't booted well, system is legacy bios and support UEFI boot too, so now maybe messed with bootloader, Everytime start, stuck to boot menu, showing Manjaro option to enter in which I can't, even not letting enter in bios set up, if click f2 or f4 option then say please wait but ultimately open same boot menu, any suggestions welcome

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    This kind of shit used to happen to me all the time. Now I've settled down and I don't rock the boat and try adding stuff or changing my computer. When I bought my new computer I added an SSD with the help of a friend, but it was almost fucked before we started. Luckily I figured it out and it is amazing the difference, but the next time I get a new laptop I'm going to reach into my wallet and have the computer tech at the store get it all set up for me.

    Okay, that does nothing for your problem. I know a guy that knows a guy that might know how to solve your problem. Let me see if I can find the guy and I'll PM you with more info.

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