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Thread: Need financial help

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    Need financial help

    At the age of 17 in an accident at work, hand got under the hot press.
    In the end, three months in hospital, seven operations and little remains of a left hand.
    It didn't break me.

    In 25 years married on wonderful young girl, and to this day together.
    We have three boys born, the youngest six months.

    In may of this year, life gave me a surprise in the form of kidney disease, they refused.
    I got to the hospital, a small operation and the doctors tell me that my kidneys have left me.
    Need a kidney transplant, which is unknown when it will be.
    After that I started going for dialysis procedures 3 times a week,
    (artificial kidney machine) cleanses the blood of toxins.
    Well, in parallel, meanwhile, I'm on dialysis or in the hospital infected with hepatitis C.
    already in August, I am not pleased with this news.
    I don't give up

    But need help, that I have loans, which regularly paid,after all I worked.
    Now there is no such possibility. I hope I'll get lucky and little bit will help me .
    I'm embarrassed and not accustomed to asking for help,I always earned always himself and no one asked. But now I can not because on the first group and my pension is $ 100.

    If anyone doubts the above written then do not hesitate to write,will provide,
    I have all the documents confirming my words.
    Hope you have read....Thanks

    Bank card: (Moldova-Agroindbank) - 4356960062023624 IBAN MD10AG000000022593296953
    WebMoney Purse: R578814530399 Z913327001306
    QIWI wallet: +37378704182
    Kiwi Wallet 410019974516896
    Bitcoin -12Xd7ftSzFN7CchBqUzpgKWiyHb56Vtxvu
    Yandex wallet-410019974516896

    here's a video of me getting an artificial kidney

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    admin note: He is a long time trusted member of this community and kummir needs help from someone who could set up a go-fund-me account for him in regards to his kidney disease or your personal donation. If anyone would be willing to help please contact him via PM.


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