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Thread: Name of movie please

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    Name of movie please

    There is a porn I watched back in the 80s close to 90s maybe.. I remember a couple distinct parts and I hope someone can help me remember the title.

    The only thing I remember is a guy was on a table with nurses around him.. One of the nurses says, " She wants you to fuck her in the ass"

    And there is a black man, like a janitor in the hallway outside the room masturbating watching them in the room. Then he cums into a handkerchief he has..

    I actually found the movie because I was trying to look up a specific woman from another movie and it lead me to this one.. but I forgot to write the name down.

    I hope this helps..

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    Apparently this is going to be one of those hard to find videos. My suggestion would be to check out vintage porn section and see if you can find a needle in the haystack.

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