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Thread: Model & Video ID Rules

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    Model & Video ID Rules

    Rules For This Thread

    1. You may create a new thread to make a request. Only request model names and/or video titles.

    2. Include a few images for identifying models, clearly showing her face and/or identifying features, such as tattoos. Please make a new thread for each request. Do not make multiple requests in one thread.

    2A. You may request Amateur photos and/or videos too! Please do an image search before making a request.

    3. Include a good quality multi-frame video preview or several screen captures for identifying videos.

    4. DO NOT

    * include images hot-linked directly from any website
    * bump posts; requests may be re-posted after seven (7) days
    * include more than one (1) model/video requests per post

    5. Always quote the original post when responding!

    6. You are allowed to post a thread with the photos or video in the appropriate forum and link to your thread.

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