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Thread: Beer Talk

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    Beer Talk

    There are lots of different beers produced all around the world. I doubt that anyone knows ever beer so it might be interesting to chat about and tell about different beers that you have enjoyed.

    I know there is lager beer, dark beer, porters and ales. There are probably lots of other types that I have missed and maybe someone can fill me in on other types of beers.

    One of my favorites is Newcastle Brown Ale. It's probably not a bad idea to give a wiki page or some other website with all the info about each type or brand of beer.

    I learned that it is brewed by Heineken and not in Britain.

    I find this ale to be a little darker but not too dark. It actually has a nice flavor in my opinion and doesn't leave an unpleasant after taste like some beers.

    If you don't agree that's okay. I don't mind another opinion.

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    A drink for all my friends!

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